Struggling with Your Amazon Marketing Strategy? You’re Not Alone!

The Age of Amazon Whitepaper (Amazon Marketing Strategies)Welcome to the Age of Amazon. Once an online bookstore, Amazon is today’s undisputed eCommerce leader and plays a key role in the consumer’s path to purchase. For example:

  • In Amazon’s holiday 2016 season alone, consumers purchased
    • Enough 4K TVs to reach the peak of Mount Everest more than 9 TIMES.
    • Enough copies of the Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection to play consecutively for more than 300 YEARS.
    • Enough running shoes to run 18,603 times around the globe. (Source for all three bullet points: Amazon data)
  • 29% of Shoppers will check alternatives, background information and prices on Amazon if they come up on a potential purchase in a store. (Source: Kenshoo)
  • 55% of consumer start their product searches direclty on Amazon (up 10% YoY). (Sources: State of Amazon, BloomReach Survey 2016)

This dominance has created significant marketing opportunities for brands of all shapes and sizes. From awareness to sales, Amazon offers advertising opportunities and capabilities that can help brands drive real busines results on Amazon and beyond. We’ve seen this first-hand with our own clients. For example, for a major CPG brand we implemented a holistic Amazon search marketing strategy that included paid advertising as well as organic optimization of product detail pages. In just one quarter alone, ROAS increased from 174% to 350%. Revenue also increased 188% despite only a 43% increase in spend.

Sounds like something most brands should be thinking about, right? The truth is that many advertisers are unaware of these opportunities or are struggling to get their Amazon marketing strategy off the ground. In a recent joint webinar from ClickZ Intelligence and Catalyst, we polled attendees to understand brands’ biggest barriers when it comes to investing in Amazon marketing and media services. Nearly half of our respondents said that lack of awareness or know-how was the largest barrier to investing in Amazon’s marketing opportunities.

Amazon Marketing Services

This lack of awareness was further illustrated when we asked attendees to describe their use of Amazon Marketing Services, nearly 40% responded with “What is Amazon Marketing Services”?

Amazon Marketing Services

Are you in the same boat as our webinar attendees and respondents? Not to fear. Catalyst can help you get your Amazon marketing strategy on the right track. First, download our new whitepaper “The Age of Amazon: Maximizing the B2C Opportunity.” The paper includes new insights on how consumers are using Amazon as well as 12 actionable recommendations for how you can kickstart your Amazon marketing program.

  1. Develop an Amazon strategy
  2. Balance your upper and lower-funnel marketing activities
  3. Structure your internal teams and agencies to maximize success
  4. Give ownership to marketers & specialist agencies
  5. Be agile and flexible in your approach
  6. Develop your Alexa Skills and visibility
  7. Assimilate data, and optimize measurement and attribution modeling
  8. Mine user-generated content
  9. Educate your internal teams
  10. Seek out the best agencies
  11. Focus on ‘shoppability’
  12. Gear up for AmazonFresh and Amazon Prime Pantry

Next, email to schedule your complimentary shoppability and findability assessment on Amazon. We’ll use our proprietary eShelf tool to assess your visibility on Amazon today and identify opportunities to enhance your future performance through paid and organic search strategies.

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