Amazon Advertising Product Update

Amazon Advertising Product Update: Sponsored Products Placements Now Live In Prime Pantry

Amazon Advertising has rolled out sponsored products placements within the Prime Pantry experience. There will be two sponsored placements in Pantry – a search results placement above organic product listing, and a product detail page (PDP) placement. Prior to this change, you were able to advertise Pantry ASINs, but they could only be promoted on the (“.com”) search environment.

What Does This Change Mean for Advertisers?Amazon

This will provide Pantry ASINs an opportunity for additional visibility, as they can now get impressions on “.com” search queries and Pantry search queries. Advertisers utilizing Amazon Advertising should ensure their Pantry ASINs and “.com” ASINs are in separate campaigns as this will allow for more flexibility for daily budget allocation and keyword bids.

Expected Performance

Though these updates are still very new, we anticipate that the incremental impressions that Pantry ASINs will get from search queries in the Pantry environment will drive better efficiencies (lower CPC/higher ROAS). These new impressions will be served to users in the Pantry environment who are more likely to convert at a higher rate on a Pantry ASIN than a user on who is served a Pantry ASIN sponsored placement.

Also, Pantry ASINs have a lower price point, making it all that much more important to be served to high intent users. Now that they will be promoted in the Prime Panty environment, we expect increases in conversion rates and ROAS.

AmazonWhat’s Next?

As the Prime Placements have only recently been introduced, it will take time to understand and optimize towards their full potential. However, as mentioned above, Catalyst is optimistic that this change will allow for greater efficiencies for advertisers.

To learn more about this change and how you can maximize your brand’s business results through advertising on Amazon Advertising, drop us a line at or read our other Amazon POVs and industry research:

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