Maximize Business Results with Advanced Programmatic Media Solutions

Catalyst partners with Xaxis, the global programmatic leader and outcome media specialist. Xaxis combines innovative AI technology, advanced omnichannel solutions, data-driven creative, and worldwide programmatic expertise to transform digital media investments into real business outcomes.

Our Capabilities

Omnichannel Solutions

Our integrated, omnichannel programmatic media solutions deliver compelling experiences for consumers across channels while fueling business results for brands.


From awareness to consideration, and from conversion to loyalty, we help advertisers achieve business goals and reach consumers across a wide range of platforms while prioritizing brand safety and business objectives.


Our video solutions approach inventory in an integrated, omnichannel fashion, ensuring media delivery to brand-safe placements while controlling for reach and frequency.

Emerging Channels

From programmatic audio to digital out-of-home and from gaming to CTV, we help advertisers stay at the forefront of programmatic media by reaching their consumers wherever they are, including new and emerging channels.

In-Housing Education & Consultancy

As programmatic expertise becomes a core part of a brand’s media activation strategy, we help organizations navigate the landscape and assemble the right mix of technology, data and service to meet their unique needs.

Our Philosophy & Approach

Programmatic First

Programmatic is the primary activation method for addressable media, its many benefits can’t be ignored. A programmatic first approach enables brands to maximize their media investment.

Premium Supply

We provide clients with advantageous access, directly and transparently, to premium supply partners.

Custom KPIs

We partner with advertisers to jointly define custom success metrics that directly connect their business goals to their marketing investments making their advertising more valuable, efficient and understood.

Custom AI

Catalyst taps into Xaxis’ proprietary AI technology, Copilot, which optimizes programmatic spend towards a brand’s specific business outcomes and adjusts strategies in real time towards pockets of performance with custom AI.

“We love all of the ideas Catalyst comes up with regarding testing things that may be working in one channel and applying that to another channel. Those are key successes for us.”

– Global B2B Advertiser

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