Digital Marketing Analytics

Power performance & unlock business growth with digital marketing analytics

Our digital marketing analytics operate cross-channel to fuel innovation, integration, visibility, and efficiency, all while enabling faster and better decision making to drive performance.

Our Capabilities

Our data, analytics, and reporting capabilities span all channels and are supported by dedicated teams of developers and data engineers.

Catalyst FUSION

FUSION offers a single point of access for all performance marketing reporting and data, as well as access to marketplace data and trends. FUSION enables standardization, consistency, and clarity around campaign performance and audience behavior, all while supporting channel integration.

Data Engineering

From 1st party data integrations to API integrations, as part of our digital marketing analytics capabilities, Catalyst’s data engineering capabilities create robust and integrated solutions.

Cross Channel Reporting & Solutions

From customer journey mapping to multi-touch attribution and cross-channel budget optimization, our cross-channel reporting capabilities help drive immediate gains while fueling long-term growth.

Custom Reporting & Data Consultancy

Our digital marketing analytics solutions also include custom reporting solutions and expert consultancy on complex data and analytics challenges or barriers.

Our Philosophy & Approach

Data Engineering & Machine Learning Modeling

Catalyst uses cloud engineering to ingest and transform data. We leverage machine learning modeling to drive prescriptive optimizations and maximize results.

Automate & Activate

We scale and automate successful models into activation platforms, and activate via API in ad buying platforms.

Ongoing Testing & Iteration

At the center of our approach is ongoing testing, experimentation, and iteration, to optimize and maximize results at each opportunity and every juncture.

“Catalyst has an experimentation mindset -they proactively shared new ideas and approaches that we had not done previously, but that help us succeed.”

– Fortune 100 CPG Brand

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