A study by BloomReach reports that 55% of consumers now go directly to Amazon to begin product searches. With Amazon’s commitment to selection, convenience, and competitive pricing, it’s no surprise that more online shoppers begin their journey on Amazon versus search engines like Google or Bing.

Given this shift in consumer behavior, it’s critical that brands and retailers strategically manage their presence on Amazon’s digital shelf. To do this successfully, you must relentlessly monitor a never ending checklist of product information and changes, including product rankings, engagement, pricing changes, and a slew of technical details.

And although Amazon is today’s most popular ecommerce channel, we cannot overlook other key ecommerce platforms like Target, Walmart and more. In fact, in August of 2016, Walmart signed a $3.3 billion deal to acquire jet.com in an effort to more heavily compete in the eRetail arena. More proof that even brick-and-mortar stores see online commerce as a primary focus for the future of retail growth.

But with this shift online brings new challenges for brands and manufactures who have built their business around the brick-and-mortar store shelves. They understand the consumer behavior and store processes that drive physical sales, but often struggle with the complexity of search algorithms that drive eRetailer sales.

How can brands and retailers successfully manage these new challenges?  They need a strategic partner who has the right technology, tools, and team of industry experts to drive success across all of your key ecommerce platforms.

Meet eShelf

Catalyst’s eShelf offering is a sophisticated tool suite designed to track, optimize, and syndicate product offerings across Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens and other major ecommerce stores.

eShelf Capabilities

eShelf can track, analyze, and manage an unlimited number of SKUs. It provides four key types of support and data to help you drive success across ecommerce platforms:

1) Product Analysis

eShelf provides a detailed view of all your product data across multiple eRetailers of your choice. It helps you quickly identify trends, issues, and successes, but also helps you go beyond analyzing your own product performance to dive into what your competitors are doing. With eShelf you can track multiple competitors to see how they are performing on key ecommerce sites in relation to your own products.

2) Alerts and Notifications

eShelf delivers instant alerts when a major change occurs, such as a competitor price change or out-of-stock notification, allowing you to react quickly to the rapidly changing ecommerce environment.

3) Product Management


Delete your old spreadsheets! eShelf is a full featured product management system, allowing you to view your entire product catalog, make changes on the fly, and syndicate the changes to multiple eRetailers.

4) Optimization and Implementation

eShelf is more than just a tool, it’s a team of trained specialists who can provide you with recommendations, best practices, and implementation.

After all, the core of any eRetailer’s site is their search engine, and much of our standard search engine optimization best practices translate directly to these vertical search engines. So it is important that your eRetail search strategy be managed by an experienced search team, but beyond that, each retailer’s search algorithm is tailored to their site. Adjusting a product attribute might benefit rankings on one retailer while decreasing rankings on another site. That’s why our eShelf offering includes a team that has proven experience optimizing products specifically for the retailers you need.

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The Results

See how eShelf helped this CPG company improve their product availability online.

Initial Problem:

One of the world’s largest CPG companies wanted to improve their in-stock rates across the leading eRetailers. They had limited insight into out-of-stock levels, resulting in slow replenishment when items went out of stock

How eShelf Solved the Problem:

  • Daily out-of-stock alerting
  • Historical trend reporting
  • Comprehensive In Stock tracker


  • Extensive visibility into out-of-stock items resulting in fast replenishment
  • 84% reduction in out-of-stock situations
  • 4x increase in traffic

eShelf Results

See how eShelf helped this international brand solve their ranking problem.

Initial Problem:

An international brand had 2,500 products, and no insight into how they were ranking in search results on 70+ retail sites worldwide.

How eShelf Solved the Problem:

Using eShelf, the brand collected a large amount of data from eRetailer sites daily, helping them see exactly where their products ranked and if they were visible to the consumer.


The brand was able to track in-depth rankings across all retail sites. They also identified which products had missing:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Poor product descriptions
  • Weak or no reviews
  • Lack of keywords in product titled & descriptions
  • Lack of optimization for mobile

They were able to use these product insights to improve their product visibilities and improve sales of those products substantially.

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Common questions about our eShelf offering:

Q) How many product SKU’s can I track?
A) The number of SKU’s that can be tracked are unlimited.

Q) What eRetailers can you track?
A) Nearly every eRetailer can be tracked. We may need to confirm availability for some of the smaller ones.

Q) How long does an eShelf engagement last?
A) eShelf is designed to be a year-long solution.

Q) How much does eShelf cost?
A) Pricing is based on the scope of the number of SKU’s, eRetailers and competitors you would like to track

Q) How do I get started?
A) Email info@catalystdigital.com with background on your brand and ecommerce challenges. We’ll then request a list of eRetailers you would like to track, the top priority products you want to monitor (SKU’s are helpful, but not necessary), and top priority keywords. This will help us evaluate how eShelf can help you drive better business results.


Duotone Photo Credit: Mike Seyfang