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Discover how we advance social media performance by driving deeper brand loyalty, increasing customer advocacy, and fueling longer lifetime value to unleash revenue growth.

Our Capabilities

Underpinned by audience-first planning, advanced analytics, and a market-leading approach to brand safety, our social media marketing services span established and emerging channels, and regional and global platforms.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics, audience insights, and in-depth analyses enable us to achieve and surpass brand’s business goals. Our proprietary analytics tool, FUSION, provides real-time access to cross-channel and cross-platform performance while uncovering new opportunities for brands to grow awareness, acquire customers, and drive loyalty.

End-to-End Paid Social

Catalyst offers end-to-end planning, strategy, activation, optimization, and measurement for paid social programs. We activate across established and emerging social platforms, as well as provide ongoing evaluation of platform best practices, platform audits and optimization, and analysis and reporting.

End-to-End Organic Social

Catalyst plans, creates, and activates your end-to-end organic presence across relevant social platforms and channels, offering services like calendar building, community management, real-time listening, and analysis/reporting.

Influencer Marketing

Through GroupM’s influencer marketing solution, INCA, we use data and AI to find the best talent for your brand while ensuring brand safety and amplifying content across organic social, paid social, and premium programmatic channels at scale.

Social Commerce

Social commerce is growing and evolving, our social media marketing services enable clients to maximize sales on and through social platforms.

Social Integration

Our integrated social approach includes flexible and adaptive planning for multi-platform support (within social and across other performance channels), media strategy, activation, holistic measurement, and post-campaign analysis to seize opportunities to re-engage audiences on relevant platforms.

Our Philosophy & Approach

Audience First Planning for Full Funnel Performance

Starting from clearly defined business objectives, our audience-led strategies drive short- and long-term growth across the full funnel, from branding to consideration, and from conversation to retention.

Test & Learn Rigor

From A/B testing to emerging platform experimentation, our rigorous testing framework ensures brands are consistently optimizing performance and capitalizing on new social opportunities. Our test and learn mentality keeps brands on the leading edge of social and unlocks new sources of growth.

Brand Safety & Risk Assessment

As part of GroupM, we lead the industry in approach and rigor when it comes to quality standards, viewability, brand safety, and fraud on social channels.

Social Integration to Maximize Long-Term Business Growth

Unifying and integrating social disciplines delivers maximum return on social media investment.

Channel Expertise

“You’ve taught us a lot and continue to deliver and deliver and deliver. We’ve gotten smarter and better thanks to Catalyst.”

– Fortune 100 Brand

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