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Unlock Campaign Growth & Fuel Business Results with FUSION

Learn how FUSION sits at the center of Catalyst’s performance marketing strategies to provide advanced reporting, enable omnichannel collaboration, and empower smarter media and business decisions.

The FUSION Advantage

Catalyst’s proprietary reporting and analytics tool, FUSION, serves as a single point of access for performance marketing data, insights, and intelligence.

Includes 85+ APIs with 300k+ data points in over 30+ dashboards and visualizations.

Customizable for specific brand objectives, KPIs, and diverse stakeholders, Catalyst FUSION connects performance and insights to fuel business growth for advertisers.

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Features and Benefits

Always-On & Real-Time: Updated in real-time, FUSION offers immediate access to up-to-date performance data and other insights. It quickly uncovers new opportunities and accelerates the application of insights.

Integration & Collaboration: With centralized access to performance data and insights, FUSION fuels greater visibility and context across channels. It surfaces cross-channel insights that break down siloes to inform integrated performance media planning.

Standardization & Customization: FUSION is built on standardized business rules, ensuring consistency, privacy, and compliance, but it also includes the flexibility to customize dashboards and reports based on brand objective, stakeholder, or unique business needs.

Beyond Performance Media: FUSION goes beyond performance marketing data to provide big picture views of marketplace trends, competitive threats, and untapped opportunities to help brands grow their businesses strategically and holistically.

FUSION in Action

How are advertisers putting FUSION to work to achieve their performance marketing objectives and broader business goals? Here are just a few of the infinite ways brands are using FUSION to crush goals and maximize success:

Identifying Opportunities for Paid Media Cost Savings through Content Improvement: FUSION enables brands to quantify potential paid media cost savings through content improvement or enhancement, supporting business cases for content investment, prioritization, and development.

Uncovering Untapped Markets with Low Competition: FUSION uncovers opportunities for brands to capitalize on untapped markets, regions, and channels, creating competitive advantage and fueling efficiencies.

Anticipating & Predicting Breakout Trends: FUSION’s automated trends reporting system identifies seasonality within different industries and flags any new or significant breakout trends across different categories.

Merging 1st & 3rd Party Data to Understand the Media Landscape: Joining first and third-party data within FUSION enables our teams to zoom out and understand what’s happening within the larger media landscape.

Supporting and Achieving Budget Fluidity through Side-by-Side Cross Channel Reports: Side-by-side cross-channel reports compare performance across different platforms, enabling swift and strategic decisions about budget allocation for maximum return.

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