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December 9, 2020 November 18th 2020 - December 9th 2020 This is a Virtual Event Series
This event has concluded. Hope to see you at our next event!

A Marketer’s Guide to

Navigating the Growing Complexity of Commerce in 2021 and Beyond

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Welcome to the New World of Commerce

2020 has rocked the commerce world to its core. Join Catalyst’s virtual event series as we help you make sense of today’s commerce reality and prepare for an even more dynamic future.

Through access to new original ecommerce research, exclusive looks at tools and capabilities from Instacart and Pacvue, and expert speakers from Kantar, Dorel Juvenile, and more, the New Commerce Conference will help you maximize business growth both in-store and online

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2021 Speakers

Melissa Burdick
Melissa Burdick Co-Founder & President, Pacvue
Amanda Knappman
Amanda Knappman Director of Marketing, Urban Skin Rx
Tarik Mughisuddin
Tarik Mughisuddin Managing Director, Catalyst
Bob Land
Bob Land Vice President of Consumer Experience, Dorel Juvenile
Suzanne Skop
Suzanne Skop Director, Agency Partnerships, Instacart
Vivian Nantembe
Vivian Nantembe VP, Client Development, Catalyst
Alex Sherman
Alex Sherman CEO & Co-Founder, PromoteIQ
Joniece Hinds
Joniece Hinds Retail Media Lead, Georgia-Pacific
Rachel Dalton
Rachel Dalton Director, eCommerce & Omni-channel Insights – Retail, Sales & Shopper Consulting Division, Kantar
Sherry Smith
Sherry Smith Managing Director of Retail Media, Americas, Criteo
Riyaad Edoo
Riyaad Edoo Group Director, Search and eCommerce, Mindshare
Chris Narduzzo
Chris Narduzzo Sales Director, Pacvue
Ade Ajayi
Ade Ajayi Team Lead, Partner Management, Facebook
Josh Kovacs
Josh Kovacs Agency Partner, Shopper Marketing, Facebook
Emily Langan
Emily Langan Agency, Partner Manager, Facebook
Emily Janus
Emily Janus Product Marketing Manager, Facebook
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Client Partner Lead, PromoteIQ
Michael Schuh
Michael Schuh Product Strategy & Innovation – Kroger Precision Marketing, 84.51°
Kerry Curran
Kerry Curran Managing Partner, Executive Director, Marketing & Growth, GroupM Services, US
Paula Hunsche
Paula Hunsche SVP, Client Engagement, Catalyst Commerce

Position Your Brand for Success

Today’s commerce reality is chock full of new challenges and limitless opportunities. Brands are faced with inventory challenges, rapidly shifting forecasts, disrupted supply chains, and the explosion of retail media. How do you make smart commerce marketing decisions in the face of constant change and intense complexity?

Through a series of weekly panels and presentations, The New Commerce Conference will cover five key themes to guide your commerce marketing strategy in-store and online:

  • Must-Know Shopper Trends: 66% of consumers select an online retailer based on convenience with many consumers using Amazon, Walmart, and Target for initial research and product discovery. Discover how to tap into these trends for commerce planning across platforms.
  • Omni-channel Imperative: Hear how today’s commerce leaders are breaking down siloes to strategically unite marketing efforts across search, social, in-store, and retail media to reach the omni-channel shopper.
  • Rise of Instacart: 63% of Instacart users plan to use the service more in the future. Explore the Instacart Advertising opportunity for brands of all shapes and sizes, even those who are new to ecommerce or don’t traditionally fall into the grocery category.
  • Measurement & Collaboration: 56% of ecommerce professionals are allocating funds to data and analytics, making it the top ecommerce service budgeted for. Discover how to advance your approach to reporting and measurement and where retailers fit in.
  • New Momentum Mindset: Uncover why today’s ecommerce leaders are prioritizing progress over perfection.

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Recorded Sessions

September 23, 2020
1:00PM-2:30PM EST

Session 1: The New Shopper Anatomy


The New Shopper Anatomy: Consumer Mindsets, Motivations, & Mainstays

The world changed forever in 2020, and so did consumers’ shopping habits. Join us for our kick-off presentation as we break down the must-know shopper trends for commerce planning and activation. You’ll receive an exclusive look at new data from Catalyst and Kantar’s original research into shopper mindsets, motivations, and more.

Key takeaways include:

  • Omni-channel Reality: Explore new data on consumers’ multi-channel shopping journey across online retailers, search engines, and social platforms. Discover the top platforms for inspiration, discovery, research/consideration, & purchase.
  • The Convenience Factor: Uncover the outweighed influence and importance of convenience in consumers’ purchase decisions.
  • Online Grocery Surge: Gain new insights into what platforms and how frequently consumers plan to use online grocery and last mile delivery in the future.


  • Meghan Lavin, Partner, Director of Marketing, Catalyst
  • Rachel Dalton, Director, eCommerce & Omni-channel Insights – Retail, Sales & Shopper Consulting Division, Kantar



The New Shopper Anatomy – Continuing the Conversation

Join us as we continue the conversation on emerging shopper trends with a lively panel discussion featuring commerce experts and industry trailblazers.

Our speakers will weigh in on online grocery, omni-channel shopping, convenience, as well as additional shopper trends, including predictions for holiday 2020, the future of physical retail, and other shifts in consumer mindset and behavior.


  • Kerry Curran, Managing Partner, Executive Director, Marketing & Growth, GroupM Services, US


  • Alex Sherman, CEO & Co-Founder, PromoteIQ
  • Rachel Dalton, Director, eCommerce & Omni-channel Insights – Retail, Sales & Shopper Consulting Division, Kantar
  • Bob Land, Vice President of Consumer Experience, Dorel Juvenile
  • Vivian Nantembe, VP, Client Development, Catalyst
October 7, 2020
1:00PM-2:30PM EST

Session 2: All Things Instacart


Getting Started Marketing on Instacart

Instacart is booming. It experienced exponential growth in 2020 and 63% of Instacart customers plan to use the service even more in the future. This translates to major opportunities for brands of all shapes and sizes. Instacart offers new ways to market your brand, connect with customers, and efficiently drive sales. But, how do brands get started with Instacart? How do you harness the power of Instacart to promote your brand or product? We have you covered. Join Catalyst, Instacart, and Pacvue as we share key considerations for a rock-solid Instacart marketing strategy.

In this three-part presentation, we’ll cover:

  • The Landscape: We’ll explore today’s online grocery landscape, highlighting the consumer trends fueling Instacart’s ascent. Discover how consumers use Instacart today, the changing demos of Instacart users, the connection between online grocery and in-store sales, and more.
  • Instacart 101: We’ll provide an overview of the Instacart Advertising platform and paid media offering, including tips and best practices for strategy and execution. We’ll also discuss the importance of product detail page (PDP) optimization for visibility and conversions.
  • Leaning into the Instacart Opportunity: We’ll share real-life examples of how advertisers are leaning into the Instacart opportunity to acquire customers and drive sales, and how they are thinking about Instacart in a post-COVID world.


  • Suzanne Skop, Director, Agency Partnerships, Instacart
  • Chris Narduzzo, Sales Director, Pacvue
  • Melissa Burdick, Co-Founder & President, Pacvue
  • Tarik Mughisuddin, Managing Director, Catalyst
October 14, 2020
1:00PM-2:30PM EST

Session 3: The Omni-channel Imperative


The Age of Omni-Commerce & What It Means for Marketing Strategies

Welcome to the age of omni-commerce. From Google to Amazon, and from Instagram to Instacart, commerce is happening all around us. It is ubiquitous and omni-present. What does this mean for brands?

It means that omni-channel strategies are more critical than ever. Join this presentation as we size up the omni-channel opportunity and share tips for planning and activating an effective omni-channel program.

You’ll discover how to capitalize on commerce opportunities across search, social, retail media, and emerging programmatic channels like connected TV, audio, digital out-of-home, and more.


  • Kerry Curran, Managing Partner, Executive Director, Marketing & Growth, GroupM Services, US



Less Silos, More Symbiosis: Omni-Channel Strategies to Drive In-Store & Ecomm Sales

Many marketers take separate and siloed approaches to in-store and ecommerce marketing. It’s time to rethink this approach. As the digital ecosystem continues to drive purchase behavior across in-store and ecommerce, brands must identify and capitalize on synergies across online and in-store.

Join our panel discussion to learn how to get started. You’ll hear from commerce experts as they discuss their omni-channel journeys and share how they’ve broken down silos to drive better performance both online and in-store.


  • Paula Hunsche, SVP, Client Engagement, Catalyst Commerce


  • Amanda Knappman, Director of Marketing, Urban Skin Rx
  • Joniece Hinds, Senior Manager for Integrated Media, Georgia-Pacific
  • Sherry Smith, Managing Director of Retail Media, Americas, Criteo
November 18, 2020
1:00PM-2:30PM EST

Session 4: Capitalizing on the Rise of Social Commerce: Advanced Strategies for Driving Sales


Social commerce is emerging as a critical shopping channel for U.S. consumers. eMarketer forecasts that in 2021 there will be 86.3 million social buyers in the U.S. and that retail social commerce sales will surge to $31.35 billion.

How do you capitalize on this trend to reach today’s social shoppers? Join Catalyst and Facebook as we share actionable tips for Q4 social commerce “quick wins” as well as strategic recommendations to fuel social commerce momentum in 2021. Our session will include:

  • POV on the latest trends and insights
  • Commerce readiness and product roadmap across Facebook’s family of apps
  • Fireside chat with Facebook and Catalyst experts


  • Emily Langan, Agency, Partner Manager, Facebook
  • Emily Janus, Product Marketing Manager, Facebook
  • Ade Ajayi, Team Lead, Partner Management, Facebook
  • Josh Kovacs, Agency Partner, Shopper Marketing, Facebook
  • Tarik Mughisuddin, Managing Partner, Managing Director of Search and Social, Catalyst

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December 9, 2020
1:00PM-2:30PM EST

Session 5: Charting a Course to Success with Your Retail Media Partners


As the retail media ecosystem becomes more complex, brands are leaning into retailers, tech platforms, and agency partners more than ever. Strong partnerships pave the way for successful retail media programs.  But where do you begin? How do you build a solid foundation with key players and effectively work together toward shared goals?

Join Kroger, PromoteIQ, and Catalyst to learn how. We’ll share collaboration tips to help you make the most of your retail media partnerships. We’ll explore:

  • Why it’s critical to understand each retailer’s unique program
  • Why and how to include retailers in media and marketing planning
  • How to look beyond the retailer UI & front line metrics
  • The role of agencies in the retail media ecosystem


  • Kerry Curran, Managing Partner, Executive Director, Marketing & Growth, GroupM Services, US
  • Peter Johnson, Client Partner Lead, PromoteIQ
  • Michael Schuh, Director, Product Strategy & Innovation – Kroger Precision Marketing, 84.51°
  • Riyaad Edoo, Group Director, Search and eCommerce, Mindshare

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