Helping Brands Succeed in the New Digital World

Consumers’ expectations of digital communications have swiftly outpaced most brands’ ability to meet them. Inspired by this challenge and motivated by the pursuit of knowledge, Catalyst merges Social Media mastery with Search Marketing expertise to help brands succeed in this new digital world.


Operating on the Leading Edge

Careful assessment and scrutiny of consumer behavior data is at the heart of our organization. That said, it’s not just vast data sets and powerful APIs that deliver insight. Our 19 years experience, team of 500 digital experts, and market-leading application of digital technologies allow us to operate on the leading edge.

Management Team

Combining the Best of Search and Social

Through this fusion of talent and technology we have uncovered a way to help clients grow, learn and make smarter decisions. The result, a new form of marketing; one that combines the best of search and social.