The Updated Amazon Advertising Interface: 3 New & Helpful Features for Advertisers

The Amazon Advertising interface has a new look! Last week, Amazon rolled out a completely revamped Amazon Advertising interface, which is their second interface update this year. Last summer, the Amazon Advertising interface lacked basic functionality like a date range filter and self-service reporting capabilities. Amazon incorporated those features in January 2018, and while the changes were welcomed by agencies and advertisers alike, they left many of us wanting more. Fortunately, the second round of interface updates has addressed many of those wishes. The Amazon Advertising interface now more closely resembles the traditional search platforms that advertisers and agencies are accustomed to operating in.

Here are the three new features that advertisers and agencies will find most helpful.

1. Performance Graph Over Time with Account Level Metric Totals

Amazon Marketing Services Performance Graph

This new visualization in the Campaign Management tab is similar to what advertisers are accustomed to seeing in Google Ads and Bing Ads. The date range is customizable, and you have the ability to choose from eight different metrics (Spend, Impressions, Clicks, CPC, CTR, Sales, Orders, and ACoS). The graph is dynamic and allows you to quickly switch between views of the metrics listed above. The previous Amazon Advertising interface did not include this visualization and did not feature account level metric totals.

The new visualization is helpful because it will allow for quicker data analysis for commonly used date ranges like last month, last week, month-to-date, etc. For example, if you need to quickly see account level month-to-date spend and sales, it is now possible right in the Campaign Management tab. Before it was only possible through a report download.

2. Advanced Filter with Multiple Layers

Amazon Marketing Services Advanced Filtering

The ability to filter is completely new to Amazon Advertising! Previously the only way to filter by “campaign type” or by “active” campaigns was to type “sponsored products” or “running” into a search box. This new filtering feature is impressive because it allows for up to 11 filters to be applied to your campaigns, as seen in the screenshot above. The available filters are Type, Targeting, Budget, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Spend, CPC, Orders, Sales, and ACoS. The date range is customizable, and with the filters applied, the graph above adjusts to display performance for campaigns that only meet those specific filters.

This will help advertisers parse through campaign level data much faster and easier. This data was previously only available through a reporting download. Now if you need to see last month’s impressions for Sponsored Products campaigns that contain branded keywords, you can do so within a matter of seconds in the Campaign Management dashboard.

3. Editable Campaign Daily Budget with Campaign Management Tab

Amazon Marketing Services Interface Daily Budget

The campaign daily budget is now editable from the new Campaign Management tab. Previously, you would need to click into the settings for each campaign that you were adjusting the daily budget for. This may seem like a minor addition to the Amazon Advertising interface, but for advertisers with multiple accounts and multiple campaigns running in each account, this will be a significant time saver. This will be most helpful when advertisers are monitoring the pacing of their account and adjusting campaign daily budgets to reflect the new daily target spend.

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