Google Announces New Product Features & AdWords Redesign

Google Adapts to Changing Consumer and Marketer Needs

GoogleDuring its annual Performance Summit, Google has unveiled new product features and showcased a redesigned AdWords interface.  The theme of these exciting changes appears to be redesigning and rebuilding AdWords for a world in which the majority of consumers are now searching from a mobile device. Google has organized its changes into four key areas:



Within Intent + Mobile, Google is announcing the full roll-out of Expanded Text Ads, Device Bid Adjustments and Responsive Display Ads.


Given that a third of mobile searches show some kind of location intent, Google is enhancing its local search advertising offering and, in turn, user experience. Google is announcing Ads in Maps and Online-to-Offline Measurement within Intent + Local.


Within Intent + Audience, Google is launching Cross-Exchange Buying on GDN, Similar Audiences in Search, and Demographics in Search Ads.


The Intent + Tools updates are aimed to equip advertisers with the tools for a multi-screen world. The Intent + Tools updates are AdWords Next and Google Analytics 360 Suite.

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