Google Announces Product Updates & New Features

Google Helps Advertisers Put Consumers at the Heart of Marketing

GoogleDuring Google Marketing Next 2017, Google unveiled several new and exciting product updates. The changes provide advertisers with more insight into their consumers, allowing advertisers to deliver more helpful and relevant customer experiences. By better understanding consumers, advertisers will be able to enhance campaign performance and drive even stronger business results. Catalyst’s new POV, “GOOGLE ANNOUNCES NEW PRODUCTS & FEATURES,” explores the changes and implications for your marketing.

In summary, the changes can be grouped into five key themes…


With changes like the ability to target consumer patterns and life events across YouTube and Gmail, and in-market audience affinity targeting in AdWords, Google is helping advertisers deliver the personal and relevant experiences that today’s consumers demand.


Through the rollout of Google Attribution, Google Attribution 360, and Unique Reach, Google is creating a holistic measurement solution to allow advertisers to measure the consumer journey across devices, screens, and channels.


Google is launching AMP Ads, rolling out a new AdWords interface, unveiling new planning capabilities across DoubleClick Bid Manager, and integrating Surveys 360 with AdWords. The goal of these updates is to enable advertisers to maximize their campaign impact.

Online to Offline

By launching Store Sales Direct, Store Sales Partners, Store Visits for YouTube, and Local Formats on Display & YouTube, Google is helping advertisers connect the dots between online advertising and offline purchases.


Google has increased its investment and technology in machine learning, leveraging it to build neural networks to improve the consumer search experience initiated by voice. For example, Google Home is now compatible with streaming music services and could initiate phone calls on command.

Download the official Catalyst POV to learn more about these changes and how they can help your search campaigns drive better business results.

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