Catalyst and Teikametrics: Maximizing Business Results with Amazon Advertising

Craig DeTora, Senior Paid Search Manager at Catalyst, sits down with Mike Indigaro, Director of Agency Development at Teikametrics, to discuss Catalyst’s approach to Amazon Advertising.

Catalyst is a specialty search and social media marketing company, delivering sophisticated SEO, PPC, paid social, and eCommerce advertising (Amazon, Walmart, Target, & more) for the Fortune 1000.

As part of our eCommerce marketing solution, we offer holistic Amazon search marketing support, including organic search optimization and paid media buys. Catalyst’s team of specialists develop and execute Amazon Advertising strategies and campaigns for brands across all verticals and industries. To maximize results, Catalyst integrates paid and organic insights to increase visibility and sales.

Thanks to these industry-leading Amazon Advertising capabilities and thought-leadership, we were recently invited to participate in Teikametrics’ Agency Connection YouTube series. Teikametrics is an optimization platform designed to help retailers guide their marketing and selling strategy on Amazon and we were honored to be the first agency showcased in their series.

Catalyst on Teikametrics’ Agency Connection

In the first episode, Craig DeTora, one of Catalyst’s top Amazon Advertising experts, sat down with Teikametrics’ Director of Agency Development, Mike Indigaro, to talk all things Amazon Advertising.

Their insightful conversation covers Catalyst’s advanced approach to Amazon Advertising, including a discussion on important KPIs (such as ACoS), as well as client expectations and interpretations around search marketing on Amazon. Craig and Mike also address underutilized metrics on Amazon, new features in Amazon Advertising, and Craig’s wish list for future additions to the platform.

Catch the full video below:

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