Maximize Your Ecommerce Visibility and Sales

It’s the era of ecommerce. Retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart are much more than online shopping destinations. They are now powerful advertising platforms, and important stops in the consumer journey.

The Era of Ecommerce: Capitalizing on the New Customer Journey96% of consumers have visited Amazon within the last year, but have 78% also visited the Walmart website to research or purchase.

85% of browsing and purchasing activity occurs with non-Amazon retailers, but only 25% of US brands say they have an advertising strategy for retailers beyond Amazon.

Search engines still play a critical role.  Twenty percent of consumers go to Amazon first when they know what they are looking for, but a whopping 46% of consumers begin with Google. When a consumer does not know what they are looking for, 62% of ecommerce purchase journeys start with a search engine.

New, Exclusive Research

It’s with this backdrop that we are excited to release The Era of Ecommerce: Capitalizing on the New Customer Journey, a new Catalyst-ClickZ whitepaper. Read the new publication to gain powerful insights into maximizing visibility and sales across the entire ecommerce ecosystem.

The whitepaper is based on a survey of 750+ North America-based consumers, a survey of 600+ business to consumer marketers across multiple sectors, and in-depth interviews with senior marketers who are engaged in ecommerce advertising.

Insights You’ll Uncover from the Whitepaper

Read The Era of Ecommerce for insights to help your brand maximize consumer connections across consumers’ online shopping journey. You will discover how to better align your marketing budget and resources based with today’s consumer behavior. You will learn how:

  • Product discovery is split evenly across retailers and search engines.
  • Consumers are non-exclusive in their purchase journey. They leverage a wide range of sites and platforms from research to purchase to loyalty.
  • Advertising budgets are misaligned with consumer behaviors. Discover how brands are disproportionately investing in various ecommerce tactics and platforms based on their audiences’ behavior.
  • Advertisers can advance their ecommerce strategy and propel business through advanced search marketing strategies.