Age of Amazon Webinar: Highlights & Poll Results

More and more experts are saying it’s time to treat Amazon like what it is: a search engine. And, we couldn’t agree more. Last week Catalyst hosted the webinar “The Age of Amazon” to explore this topic further and help brands advance their search marketing strategies on Amazon. Here’s what you missed:

Amazon is a key channel for product discovery, but many brands do not yet have search marketing strategies on Amazon

According to a BloomReach study, 55% of consumers now start their product searches directly on Amazon. However, Amazon is not a Google copycat. It presents unique complexities and challenges, making it difficult for many brands to evolve their search strategies to include Amazon.

When we polled our brand attendees during the webinar, a whopping 57% of respondents said that they are not currently integrating their search marketing with Amazon. Additionally, another 50% of respondents said that they either do not or do not know if they were applying SEO best practices to their product pages. Despite the low adoption, many brands still recognize the value and importance of search marketing on Amazon. 30% of our poll responses said that they would be securing new budget to grow their investment on Amazon. Another 40% said they would be shifting budget from traditional advertising channels to increase their Amazon budget.

Check out our infographic for more of the poll responses from the webinar:

Age of Amazon

So, how do brands win on Amazon?

Our expert speakers shared countless recommendations and tips for driving better business results on Amazon, but it all comes down to findability and shoppability. Brands need to make sure they are easily found on Amazon and deliver product pages that push consumers to conversion. This requires that you implement SEO best practices on product pages and test Amazon Advertising paid search ads. Taking this approach, Catalyst helped one brand increase revenue on Amazon by 188% and increase ROAS by 350%.

Interested in learning more and upping your Amazon marketing game?

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