Developing a Customized Paid Search Data Analytics Solution

Explore how Catalyst developed a custom analytics solution for our client, solving
complex data challenges and enabling optimizations towards true revenue for the
brand’s U.S. paid search campaigns

Results Summary

Improvement in ROAS
Increase in Revenue over CPA campaigns

The Challenge

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Optimizing Based on TRUE Revenue

Catalyst’s B2B client required a revenue-based optimization strategy to effectively achieve their paid search goals.

However, Google Search Ads 360 (SA360) did not account for offline and post-sale adjustments to the client’s revenue, making revenue data in SA360 inaccurate.

In the absence of true revenue data, correlations between revenue performance and optimizations were directional.

“Catalyst is continuing to up the game and push us towards our goals. We’ve been learning from Catalyst every step of the way and the work is ultimately delivering for the
business in a huge way.”

– Global B2B Advertiser


Develop an Optimization Strategy
based on True Revenue
Drive More Revenue
Increase ROAS

Strategy and Execution

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A Custom Data/Analytics Solution & Robust Testing Framework

To achieve the client’s goals, Catalyst created a custom solution that married SA360 data with offline revenue data, allowing teams to optimize based on true revenue. Uploads of offline data are now a continuous process, with a majority happening within four hours. The availability and recency of offline data now enables Catalyst to activate dynamic bid strategies around it.

Once the data was uploaded, Catalyst created a testing program to assess how an updated ROAS-based bid strategy performed against the existing CPA-based bidding strategy. Catalyst ran both sets of campaigns without a bid strategy for two weeks to calibrate their performance and ensure traffic was being divided evenly.


The solution successfully improved ROAS and increased revenue. Given the results, it will be implemented beyond the U.S. market, increasing revenue and results on a global scale

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Visit our case study library for more examples of Catalyst’s work and results.

Explore More Case Studies

Transforming Performance Through Data Insights

Digital Marketing Analytics

The Results

  • 28% Improvement in ROAS
  • 66% Increase in Revenue over CPA campaigns



What Clients Are Saying

“Catalyst consistently provides strategic analyses and clear recommendations that improve our performance. They are true search experts, and have taken the time to educate us and help us optimize every aspect of our campaigns.”

  • Fortune 500 Brand



Explore More Case Studies

Visit our case study library for more examples of Catalyst’s work and results.

Explore More Case Studies

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