[WEBINAR SERIES]: Reignite Your Business with Performance Marketing

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April 29, 2020
This event has concluded, but you can still access the recording!

Join our two-part webinar series as we discuss how to use performance marketing to fuel your business reopening.

PART ONE: 4 Ways to Dial-Up Brand Interest

Part one has concluded. You can view the webinar slides here & the recording here

COVID-19 has shuttered stores and changed the physical shopping experience as we know it. As we cautiously approach a new normal, how can brands remain relevant and create meaningful consumer connections that fuel business growth and in-store sales in the future? Join our webinar to learn how. We’re uniting experts from across Catalyst and Xaxis to discuss innovative ways to use performance marketing to reignite interest in your brand and prime consumers for your reopening.

You’ll uncover how to:

  • Uncover insights that drive authentic and helpful messaging. Through our approach to advanced analytics and FUSION tool, we’ll share strategies for unearthing data points that bring you closer to your consumers and their challenges, inspiring communication that is pragmatic, relevant , and helpful.
  • Improve organic visibility through SEO. With some advertisers pausing or reducing paid media initiatives, earned media channels have become more important than ever. Discover how to maximize your organic visibility in traditional search engines and why it will pay dividends post COVID-19.
  • Strategically leverage influencer marketing. You’ll learn how to interact with consumers through trusted creators and create a platform for authentic engagement that is sensitive to the times. We’ll share a simplified approach to discovering the best influencer match for your brand.
  • Reach audiences at home with CTV. We’ll share some of the biggest opportunities for marketers (especially as it compares to traditional TV buying) to message their audiences and drive business outcomes as consumers continue to make the jump to CTV at home. You’ll learn how to eliminate wasted impressions, employ more granular audience targeting, and take an enhanced approach to measurement.


From L to R: Elizabeth Harrington, US Market Lead, INCA, Xaxis; Daniel Macdonald, VP, Investments & Partnerships, Xaxis; Nick Vining, Director, Strategy & Insights, Catalyst; and May McCarthy, Organic Search Manager, Catalyst

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