Catalyst’s Trailblazer Tuesday Series Presents: Oracle

Every Tuesday Catalyst invites the best-of-the-best in digital marketing to present to our team. From search engines to social platforms, to industry-leading tools and partners, we open our doors to innovators, experts, and trailblazers and learn about their cutting-edge approaches and products. On Tuesday, November 14th we had Oracle Data Cloud present to our team. Here’s what we learned.

Challenge: Leveraging Data for Search

In today’s world of “Not Provided” data and the ever-evolving shift toward deeper consumer-privacy (e.g., through SSL encryption, the wider adoption of VPNs, etc.), we constantly hear from our clients that it is becoming increasingly harder to leverage the wealth of data at our disposal to more accurately and effectively target our audiences.

There has traditionally been a natural disconnect between the offline behavior of our audiences and the actions they are taking on the Internet. Additionally, as the average customer shifts across devices and networks several times throughout a typical day, being able to tie together these various touch points is invaluable.

Oracle Data Cloud: Bridging the Gap

Oracle Data Cloud has set out to help solve these challenges for agencies and marketers alike. They have made strategic purchases and acquisitions to position themselves as a leader in DAAS for marketers. For example, Oracle Data Cloud now includes:

  • Datalogix: Offline purchase-based data specialist consisting of Buyer Behavior, Category Purchase, Demographic, Lifestyle, Purchase Intent, Direct Mail across Auto, CPG and Retail verticals.
  • BlueKai: 3rd Party Marketplace with over 90 Brand Data Providers across all verticals (Visa, comScore, Dun & Bradstreet, TransUnion, etc.) as well as ODC’s DMP platform.
  • AddThis: Online data aggregator of actions taken by unique users across the ODC’s 15MM site-strong publisher network. The blend of observed (i.e. arriving on site from search, content on page, reading an article, scrolling, watching a video) and declared (i.e. click, like, share, fellow, print) builds a holistic view of web habits, interests and preferences.
  • CrossWise: Cross-Device advertising and analytics.
  • Moat: Digital measurement and analytics for audience targeting.

Measurements & Insights

By using cross channel data to power campaigns, Oracle Data Cloud can help drive increased conversions across digital, mobile, social, offline, and TV campaigns. Through utilizing purchased based transactional data, an advertiser is then able to connect a campaign and impressions to offline purchases in order to calculate a ROI (Return on Investment) sales lift resulting from the campaign. Additionally, by connecting all the data points together, Oracle saves you (the marketer) time and budget in a process that is scalable for enterprise businesses.

Business Results

At the end of the day, it comes down to business results. Search agencies and marketers can leverage Oracle Data Cloud’s DAAS to target consumers more effectively through deeper connection of data points both online and off, which leads to stronger holistic performance and results. And, who doesn’t like that?

If you are interested in learning more about how to facilitate better audience targeting, contact us at to schedule a discussion on how Catalyst can marry our advanced search marketing strategies with Oracle Data Cloud’s robust solutions and insights to maximize your digital performance.

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