How Online Search Data Can Improve Offline Retail Results

Andrew Ruegger's "How online search data can improve offline retail results"Retailers have been thrown for a loop by the massive market disruption caused by internet juggernauts. Google and Facebook have fundamentally changed the way brands connect with consumers, while Amazon has revolutionized the way consumers purchase products. According to RetailNext’s Retail Performance Pulse report, in-store retail sales, traffic, and transactions declined year-over-year for every month from May through September 2016. What’s a retail brand to do?

To remain competitive, retailers need to continuously innovate the ways in which they research consumer intent, and online search data is the key. Read our Internet Retailer article “How Online Search Data Can Improve Offline Retail Results” for strategic methods of leveraging search data to improve your in-store results.

Search Data MapSome of today’s most interesting and impactful insights are available through search data, which represents the largest, unbiased free source of consumer data in the world. Everyday there are 3.5 billion searches on Google and over 8 billion searches across all engines. Think about it this way: that’s 8 billion things consumers want or need everyday. They are telling you exactly what they want.

Used strategically, search data is your brand’s secret weapon to overhaul your in-store marketing. Whether you’re selling nail polish, jeans, athletic equipment, cars, or anything in between, you can tap into this data to better understand how to manage brands, products, and even brick-and-mortar stores to increase your in-store sales.

Andrew RueggerIn the Internet Retailer article “How Online Search Data Can Improve Offline Retail Results,” author Andrew Ruegger, Senior Partner, Head of Data Science at Catalyst, walks you through sophisticated, next-level strategies for leveraging search data to transform the in-store performance of your retail brands.

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