Trailblazer Tuesday with Jebbit

Every Tuesday Catalyst invites the best-of-the-best in digital marketing to participate in our Trailblazer Tuesday lunch and learn series.

From search engines to social platforms, to industry-leading tools and partners, we open our doors to innovators, experts, and trailblazers and learn about their cutting-edge approaches and products. Recently, the team from Jebbit joined us at Catalyst.

The Importance of Declared Data

Jebbit lives in the declared data space. According to Jebbit, declared data, or zero-party data, is a type of first-party consumer data that is willingly, explicitly volunteered by consumers. They work with declared data to build a deeper, two-relationship with your customers over time. They turn traditionally transactional moments with consumers into moments of engagement and understanding.

Obtaining declared data can drive higher lifetime value with your customers. You can turn this information into specific recommendations to your customers and you no longer have to send unwanted or irrelevant messaging to them. Ultimately, declared data is used to better understand customers to drive more business.

What is Jebbit?

Jebbit sits between consumer experience and first-party data. According to, their platform is designed to convert traffic on any device, driving more purchases while capturing declared data.

Declared data needs to be collected in a way that is engaging and interesting to the consumer. There also needs to be a clear value exchange. This exchange doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary; it can be in a way that is emotional, educational, time saving, etc.

The platform works in three key ways:

  • Create: Digital experiences need to be created to get the data. These can include a product finder, personality quiz or a live poll.
  • Collect: The data that is important. The digital experiences for the consumer can be individualized so you are connecting the data that matters most.
  • Activate: Once collected, the data can be used over time to learn more about the consumer and keep them engaged. This can include product recommendations or simply sharing an interesting piece of content with them.

Declared Data’s Impact on The Customer Connection

Receiving declared data directly from consumers about their preferences, needs, and challenges, can help advertisers in infinite ways. From product design to feature requests, declared data helps advertisers get into the head of the consumer and use their feedback to directly influence everything from product design to marketing strategy. Declared data can even provide valuable insights into effective messaging and approaches when it comes to performance marketing across channels like SEO, paid search, and more.

Wrapping Up

It’s clear that declared data can help brands get to know their consumers on a deeper level, helping to strengthen relationships and drive loyalty. Jebbit’s Trailblazer Tuesday session inspired the whole Catalyst team, highlighting the many opportunities to use declared data to help maximize the success of brands’ performance marketing programs.

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