[WEBINAR] From Discovery to Download to Dollars: How Full Funnel App Marketing Leads to Real Business Outcomes

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Learn how full funnel mobile app marketing can drive business outcomes for your brand.

In 2019, trends showed people were spending more time at home, spending more on delivery services and $120 billion on apps. With the recent Covid-19 crisis, these consumer trends are only accelerating. Marketing that ties spend to real business outcomes matters more than ever. Yet with 1.84 million apps available, how can you be sure that consumers not only discover your app, but that you’re targeting valued lifetime users?

Join our webinar to learn how to take a full funnel approach to your mobile app marketing. You’ll uncover innovative strategies for increasing app visibility, quality installs, and regular engagement – to deliver efficient business results you can tie back to the bottom line.

Our expert speakers will share how to:

  • Grow app awareness through emerging programmatic channels like CTV & Audio
  • Increase App Store visibility and drive downloads through organic App Store optimization and Apple Search Ads
  • Target high lifetime value users through custom audience weighting analysis and insights

From food delivery apps to dating apps, and from online learning apps to online shopping apps, this webinar is perfect for any business with an app. You’ll leave with new ways to make sure your app continues to find your most valuable users who convert to measurable, business outcomes.

Webinar Date/Time

Date: Thursday, April 16th
Time: 1:00 – 1:45PM ET


Dan Cristo, Director of SEO Innovation, Catalyst

Dan Cristo, Catalyst

JR Crosby, SVP, Product & Strategy, Xaxis

JR Crosby, Xaxis

Greg Hayes, Associate Director, Paid Social, Catalyst

Greg Hayes, Associate Director, Paid Social, Catalyst