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20181129 TechSEO Boost 2018 has now concluded; Doors open at 8AM City Winery, 80 Beverly St, Boston, MA 02114

The Industry’s First Technical SEO Conference

The list of marketing conferences is endless. There are events dedicated to nearly every vertical, interest, and trend.

What type of conference won’t you find? A technical SEO conference that challenges even developers and code jockeys. Despite the long list of search conferences, there hasn’t been an event exclusively dedicated to technical SEO.

With TechSEO Boost, Catalyst has changed that!

TechSEO Boost 2018

For developers and advanced SEO specialists.

On November 29th, 2018 Catalyst held TechSEO Boost 2018, the first industry event 100% dedicated to technical SEO. With advances in technology and the intense pace of technological change, technical SEO has become more important than ever. This is the conference for you if you’re looking to up your technical SEO game.

TechSEO Boost is a complimentary event that is perfect for technical SEOs, advanced search marketers, and programmers. The 2017 event featured top-tier speakers from Google, IBM, Airbnb, and many others, and the 2018 event featured an equally distinguished lineup of industry experts.


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Meet Botify

TechSEO Boost Headline Sponsor

Botify is a global leader in Search Marketing Analytics. They empower enterprise companies all over the world to rapidly and efficiently optimize their mobile and desktop organic traffic, and increase their online revenue.

Learn more about Botify.

New for 2018: Call for Research!

The judges have spoken! We’ve selected our winner for the 2018 TechSEO Boost research competition, sponsored by Moz.

The winner was: Dan Taylor from Congrats, Dan!

Learn more about the 2018 research competition

TechSEO Boost on SlideShare

TechSEO Boost 2018 has concluded, but you can access all of the  slides for free. Each deck is now available to view on SlideShare.

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  • Session Title
  • Registration/Breakfast (8:00AM - 8:45AM)
    Breakfast Sponsored by: RankScience
  • Event Welcome Message (8:45AM - 8:55AM)
    Catalyst Team
  • The Statelessness of Technical SEO (8:55AM - 9:25AM)
    Mike King, iPullRank
  • Internal Link Optimization on Steroids (9:25AM - 9:55AM)
    Kevin Indig, Atlassian
  • Implementing Hreflang on Legacy Tech Stacks Using Service Workers, Does it Work? (9:55AM - 10:15AM)
    Dan Taylor,
  • Machine Learning for SEOs (10:15AM - 10:45AM)
    Britney Muller, Moz
  • BREAK (10:45AM - 11:00AM)
    15 Minute Break
  • Technical Tips & Success Strategies from Engineers (11:00AM - 11:35AM)
    Moderator: Patrick Stox, IBM & Panelists: Tanner Linsley, Nozzle, Mike Atwood, Wayfair, Aysun Akarsu, SeachDatalogy
  • Python for SEOs (11:35AM - 12:05PM)
    Hamlet Batista, RankSense
  • Watching Googlebot Watching You: Optimizing with Server Logs (12:05PM - 12:35PM)
    Jamie Alberico, Arrow Electronics
  • LUNCH (12:35PM - 1:25PM)
    Lunch Sponsored by: Nozzle
  • Search and Spam Fighting in the Age of Deep Learning (1:25PM - 2:00PM)
    Frédéric Dubut, Bing and Christi Olson, Bing
  • So You Have Structured Data….Now What? (2:00PM - 2:20PM)
    Frank Vitovitch, Botify
  • Extreme Full Contact Google APIs (2:20PM - 2:50PM)
    Sean Malseed, Greenlane Search Marketing
  • Just Enough to Be Dangerous (and Super Effective!): Programming Basics for SEOs (2:50PM - 3:15PM)
    Paul Shapiro, Catalyst
  • BREAK (3:15PM - 3:30PM)
    15 Minute Break
  • Research Roundup: Success Strategies for Better Experiments & Tests (3:30PM - 4:05PM)
    Moderator: Paul Shapiro & Panelists: Rob Bucci, STAT Search Analytics, Ashley Berman Hale, DeepCrawl, Michael Briggs, Skyscanner & Mike Tekula, Distilled
  • Research Competition (4:05PM - 4:35PM)
    Research Competition Sponsored by: Moz
  • SEO, WPO, SPA, AMP, PWA and other acronyms: Performance that Matters (4:35PM - 5:10PM)
    Tim Kadlec, Tim Kadlec Consulting LLC
  • Closing Remarks (5:10PM - 5:15PM)
    Catalyst Team
  • Happy Hour (5:15PM - 6:15PM)
    Happy Hour Sponsored by: Botify

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