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2017 Session Recordings

Listen to the TechSEO Boost 2017 session recordings, and up your technical SEO game. You can find each individual video below, with more than six hours of technical SEO content in total.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event on November 30, 2017 and helped to make the industry’s first technical SEO conference a success. Enjoy the recordings.We hope to see you next year at TechSEO Boost 2022!

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The State of Technical SEO

Russ JonesPrincipal Search Scientist, Moz

Working Smarter: SEO Automation to Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness

Paul Shapiro, Director of Strategy & Innovation, Catalyst

SEO Best Practices for Javascript-Based Websites

Max Prin, Head of Technical SEO, Merkle

Everything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Patrick Stox, Technical SEO, IBM

Enhancing Your Local Presence With and Without Physical Locations

Joe Esposito, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Rio SEO


Gil Birman, Software Engineer, and Brian Ta, SEO Project Manager, Airbnb

Implementing and Tracking Semantic Markup with Google Tag Manager

Mike Arnesen, Founder & CEO, and Ruth Burr Reedy, Director of Strategy, UpBuild

Technical Tips & Success Strategies from Engineers

Moderator: Andrew Ruegger, Head of Data Science,Catalyst & GroupM
Panelists: Gil Birman, Software Engineer, Airbnb; Derek Perkins, CEO & Co-Founder, Nozzle; Tanner Linsley, Co-Founder & VP of UX, Nozzle; Mike Atwood, Lead SEO Engineer, Wayfair

Your Search Universe: Links, Log Files, GSC, and Everything in Between

Sam Marsden, Technical SEO Executive, DeepCrawl

Making the Web Fast

Patrick Meenan, Staff Software Engineer, Google

Fun with Machines. How Machine Learning is Shaping Google and Technical SEO

JR OakesDirector of Technical SEO, Adapt Partners

TechSEO Boost Full Recording – All Sessions

Jump to 1:01:28 in the video to view the Welcome Message and the start of the conference.

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