[WEBINAR] Closing the Gap: Original Omnichannel Research

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July 29, 2021 This is a virtual event
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Closing the Gap: Adopting Omnichannel Strategies for Stronger Brand-Consumer Connections

In partnership with London Research, Catalyst and Xaxis’ new original research and report, “Closing the Gap: Adopting Omnichannel Strategies for Stronger Brand-Consumer Connections,” explores gaps in where consumers are spending their time and where advertisers are investing, revealing opportunities for marketers to adopt and advance omnichannel approaches to media and marketing for long-term growth.

Check out the webinar recording to explore the research findings, including data, insights, and recommendations for using omnichannel marketing to bridge the gap between brands and consumers.

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Key Takeaways:

  • U.S. consumer trends and engagement compared to advertiser approach to search, social, ecommerce, gaming, CTV, DOOH, podcasts, and more
  • Media consumption differences across key audience demographics and implications for omnichannel planning
  • Brands’ mindset, approach, and recommendations for ongoing experimentation and testing into emerging platforms
  • Barriers to adopting omnichannel programs and recommended solutions
  • The impact of privacy and identity on consumers, advertisers, and omnichannel programs

2021 Speakers

Meghan Lavin
Meghan Lavin Marketing Director, Catalyst
Kelley Drake
Kelley Drake Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, Xaxis
Linus Gregoriadis
Linus Gregoriadis Director & Co-founder, London Research

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