[WEBINAR] The New 1+1=3: Using Search Marketing to Amplify TV Buys

Search Marketing Strengthens TV Campaigns

This webinar has ended. View the recording below. 

The concept of a “channel” is rapidly becoming obsolete. Consumers simply want to consume content they want, when they want it, and on whatever device they choose. As marketing budgets shift from traditional to digital, finding ways to amplify and extend traditional TV with search can make the difference in a successful marketing campaign.

Watch this Catalyst and Bing webinar to uncover insights gained from new industry research that illustrates the potential for improved business results through integrated online and offline campaigns, with specific guidelines on how to use paid search to amplify TV campaigns.

Webinar Recording

Please note that this webinar took place on August 3, 2017. View the recording:


Attend the webinar, and you’ll leave with an understanding of:

  • Search’s critical role in the consumer journey and its unique ability to amplify other marketing efforts
  • How consumers engage the content of commercials through branded and non-branded search
  • How to use search to do creative testing that can inform messaging for TV campaigns and other marketing channels
  • How to leverage search and TV together for competitive conquesting

Webinar Slides


Itir AlobaItir Aloba-Curi, Insights Director for Advertiser Analytics and Insights, Microsoft

BingItir Aloba-Curi is currently an Insights Director for the Advertiser Analytics and Insights team at Microsoft. She leads the East Coast Insights team, with a focus on providing unique and actionable advertising insights for Microsoft’s Bing Ads clients. Itir has 16 years of advertising and media experience focused on digital media and paid search on both the publisher and agency sides. Prior to her current role, she held roles at Arthur Anderson Consulting, Thomas Publishing, Carat Interactive and at Microsoft’s search advertising team during its inception. She also founded and built a successful food & beverage company as an entrepreneur.

Kerry CurranKerry Curran, Managing Partner, Marketing Integration

Kerry Curran, Sr. Partner, Managing Director, Marketing Integration at Catalyst/GroupM, has over 18 years of experience in client services, business development, and digital marketing.  A passionate digital strategist, Kerry has driven business results through Search and Social channels across multiple industries for many Fortune 1000 clients including: P&G, American Express, Kraft, Assurant, Sears, Avon, Land Rover, Castrol, Lindt, Unilever, GE, TJX, Victoria’s Secret, Liberty Mutual, Goodyear, and BlackRock.

As the GroupM Search & Social Director of Client Development, Kerry also led a team focused on developing consumer-centric, cross-channel strategies to increase customer engagement, and on providing solutions to client business challenges through customized Search and Social strategies. Her experience includes developing enterprise search and social programs integrated with digital and traditional media plans as well as global search programs.