[WEBINAR] 5 Ways to Master Search Marketing For Your Enterprise Business

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Mastering search marketing for an enterprise or global business is no easy feat. Differences across countries, regions, business units, platforms, and partners create complicated barriers to business results. How do you overcome these challenges to create a well-oiled (and insanely successful) search marketing machine? Join Catalyst’s session to learn how we’ve done it for brands like yours. Catalyst’s Managing Director, Jim Kensicki, will share five actionable ways to improve your business’s holistic approach to SEO and paid search. From streamlining processes to securing investment and from managing stakeholders to scaling campaigns, you’ll leave this session ready to take your search marketing returns to new heights.


Jim Kensicki, Managing Director, Search & Social, Catalyst

Jim Kensicki, Catalyst

As Catalyst’s Managing Director of Search and Social Media, Jim Kensicki is responsible for the development of the search and social teams in Boston and ensuring the delivery of exceptional business results on behalf of Catalyst’s clients. Prior to Catalyst, Jim served as the Sr. Director of Content Marketing for North America’s largest content marketing agency, leading its teams of strategists, account managers and creative teams across their Boston and Chicago offices supporting over 300 brands. He’s led two performance agencies through acquisition, and has over 15 years of experience leading clients teams.

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