The Ascent of Instacart

Online grocery and last mile delivery are booming, with Instacart emerging as a top choice for online shoppers. Customers are flocking to Instacart in droves for its convenience and are using the service to buy everything from beer to butter and from hair color to hand sanitizer.

Now is the time for grocery and non-grocery brands alike to double-down on their Instacart Advertising strategy, determining how to win the first basket, grow category share, acquire new customers, and leverage previously unavailable data and insights to maximize competitive advantage.

Instacart offers one platform to promote product sales across 350 retailers at both scale and efficiency. According to Pacvue, Instacart CPCs are currently as low as 10% of other platforms.

Catalyst & Instacart Advertising

Catalyst’s end-to-end Instacart advertising services empower brands to reach Instacart’s customers, drive sales, and unlock new data and insights.

We provide full strategy, planning, execution, and optimization for paid and organic search across Instacart Advertising.

  • UPC prioritization
  • Paid and organic integration
  • Keyword strategy
  • Competitor strategies
  • Test & learn ideation, execution, and management
  • Integrated reporting, measurement, & QA

Featured Product Ads

To maximize visibility, Catalyst integrates organic optimization of Instacart content with paid strategies:

  • Integration with other retailer and search engine strategies and execution
  • Budget and bid management
  • Ongoing optimization to maximize results and drive efficiencies
  • Keyword and category prioritization to drive “share of shelf”

Product Detail Page Content Strategy and SEO

The Instacart product detail page template has over 200 fields that can be populated with the most relevant product information. A content rich page increases both organic ranking and conversion rate. To maximize sales, we provide:

  • Keyword research
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Image & asset optimization
  • Content syndication to Instacart

Why Instacart, Why Now, & Why Catalyst?

Instacart is here to stay. The pandemic primed consumers and the market for Instacart, but platform has undeniable staying power beyond COVID-19. According to Catalyst and Kantar’s original ecommerce research, 63% of online purchasers who have used Instacart, plan to use Instacart more in the future. Instacart represents one of the largest areas of ecommerce growth.

Instacart has unrivaled scale & data. Instacart leads online grocery in North America, spanning 25,000 brick and mortar stores across more than 5,500 cities in the US and Canada. This scale enables brands to gain insights into typically hard-to-get inventory data across locations and regions, empowering strategic decisions for marketing, supply chain management, and more.

Instacart is more than traditional grocery. Instacart is more than food. It encompasses the full grocery store, so brands traditionally in the center aisles in store or brands whose products have not been well suited for ecommerce historically (like perishables) can now advance their ecommerce position and create new revenue streams. Instacart also unlocks opportunities for advertisers in the alcohol and spirits category who are unable to market online with traditional retailers.

Catalyst leads the way in ecommerce marketing & retail media. Catalyst is a leading performance marketing agency with extensive experience across ecommerce marketplaces and is a trusted, strategic partner for many of the top CPG and manufacturer brands in the world.

Instacart & Online Grocery Thought-Leadership

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