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Discover how Catalyst exceeded all target goals, driving unparalleled leads and growth
in Mexico for a Fortune 100 brand

Results Summary

More Leads Than All Other Channels Combined
Lower CPA than Target Facebook Goal

The Challenge

city street in mexico

Drive SMB Leads in Mexico

Catalyst’s client, a global Fortune 100 organization, was seeking to build brand advocacy and drive new customer acquisitions across SMBs in Mexico while supporting small business recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SMB accounts could not be setup online, so the client needed a way to connect with small business owners directly to facilitate new account creation.

“We love all of the ideas Catalyst comes up with regarding testing things that may be working in one channel and applying that to another channel. Those are key successes for us.

– Global B2B Advertiser


Build Brand Advocacy
Generate New Leads
Drive Incremental Revenue

Strategy and Execution

Advanced Audience Segmentation, Cross-Channel Synergies & More

The solution was to run an innovative lead generation campaign in Mexico, developing a cross-channel strategy across Google and Facebook. Combined with a sophisticated approach to audience segmentation, we helped connect our client with highly targeted SMBs and generate thousands of new customer acquisitions across the country.

Phase 1

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Through a deep analysis of high opportunity audience targets, campaigns were segmented across a variety of attributes including interests, job title, industry, geography and more. This segment-based strategy allowed for higher value acquisition growth within the target market and superior CPA.

Phase 2

Cross-Channel Synergies

To capitalize on cross-channel activation, Catalyst leveraged customized remarketing audiences and a range of performance analytics tools to analyze and monitor attribution across all channels, strategically optimizing the media mix to maximize form-fills and reduce CPA.


Performance exceeded all KPI goals. At times, the campaign even had to be paused to allow the brand’s sales team to respond to the high volume of leads.

Explore More Case Studies

Visit our case study library for more examples of Catalyst’s work and results.

Explore More Case Studies

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Results Include

  • 4,000+ leads
  • 5X More Leads than Target Facebook Goal
  • 500% More Leads Than All Other Channels Combined
  • 800+ Opportunities
  • 4,747% Lower CPA than Target Facebook Goal
  • 6-Figure Annual Projected Revenue

What Clients Are Saying

“Catalyst is hands down one of the best organizations that we’re privileged to work with… It’s great to work with people we trust so much—we love being able to lean on you guys no matter what the question is.”

– Leading CPG Brand

Explore More Case Studies

Visit our case study library for more examples of Catalyst’s work and results.

Explore More Case Studies

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