Expanding Social Media Strategies to Drive Performance via Twitter

Uncover how Catalyst helped a healthcare client explore social platforms beyond
Facebook to maximize performance.

More Efficient CPC over 2019
Higher CTR than Industry Benchmark

The Challenge

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Driving Consideration on Twitter

Catalyst was tasked with developing a new social strategy to help consumers consider or recommend our healthcare client as a provider amongst qualified audiences, all without utilizing the brand’s top performing social platform.

“Catalyst consistently provides strategic analyses and clear recommendations that improve our performance. They are true search experts, and have taken the time to educate us and help us optimize every aspect of our campaigns.”

– Fortune 500 Brand


Expand Reach on Twitter
New Customer Acquisition/Engagement

Strategy and Execution

Pivoting to Twitter with Sequential Messaging

The solution was to develop an innovative Twitter strategy with activation broken into two phases: Awareness & Interest. Catalyst utilized the Video View objective for Awareness and the Link Click objective for Interests.

Within the Video View objective, we activated broader interest-based audiences and keyword segments, while saturating more informed lookalike and retargeting audiences in our Link Click campaigns.

Sequential messaging also proved to be the key tactic to driving performance.

Users in our “Awareness” based audience segments were activated with broad “Health Advocacy” messaging, while users (paid or organic) engaging with our videos were moved down the funnel to our retargeting audience.

Users in this mid-funnel audience were then served messaging that went deeper into concepts and services introduced in our Awareness Campaign, creating a seamless ad-to-ad experience that nurtured them down the funnel.


The Twitter campaign was highly successful, surpassing previous years’ social media performance and outperforming industry benchmarks.

Explore More Case Studies

Visit our case study library for more examples of Catalyst’s work and results.

Explore More Case Studies

Transforming Social Performance

Social Media Marketing

Results Included

  • 6X More efficient CPC over 2019
  • 178% Higher CTR than industry benchmark
  • Increase in awareness among new audiences


What Clients Are Saying

“Catalyst has an experimentation mindset -they proactively shared new ideas and approaches that we had not done previously, but that help us succeed.”

  • Fortune 100 Brand


Explore More Case Studies

Visit our case study library for more examples of Catalyst’s work and results.

Explore More Case Studies

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