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Learn how Catalyst leveraged Facebook to drive net new app downloads for a mortgage lending client

Results Summary

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The Challenge

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Driving app downloads can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be.

Catalyst’s Facebook strategy helped one client surpass app download goals while reducing cost per install.

“Catalyst listened to our needs and delivered on this project! Surpassing goals set while decreasing the costs per conversion. Thank you, Catalyst!”


Increase App Downloads
Decrease Cost Per Download

Strategy and Execution

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Creative Ads Lead To Increased Downloads At A Lower Cost

Our mortgage lending client’s mobile app has become a critical destination in the home buying journey. The brand sought to drive net new mobile app downloads to engage with their consumers buying homes and needed to do so in the most cost efficient way possible.

Catalyst developed a Facebook strategy that targeted the right audience across multiple mobile phone operating systems with a rich mix of ad units. This approach led to increased downloads at a lower cost per install, crushing campaign goals and surpassing the brand’s historic benchmarks.

Phase 1

Create Audiences

Catalyst created audiences based on phone operating systems, targeting both Apple and Android users. This enabled us to cater messaging and share download instructions based on a user’s specific operating system. Device-specific audiences also allowed Facebook to optimize towards the most efficient segment.

Phase 2

Strong CTAs Created

Catalyst embraced strong and simple CTAs. Top performing ads featured the simple steps necessary to download the app and showcased the value and experience users could expect post-download.

Phase 3

Multiple Ad Units Tested

Catalyst strategically selected a rich mix of ad units. We tested multiple ad formats to see what ad type resonated best with users. We used these ad unit learnings in real-time to create new ads throughout the flight.


Our approach drove new downloads at a reduced cost. The campaign drove a 3X increase in downloads at a 45% lower cost per install, shattering campaign benchmarks and helping the brand engage with qualified consumers.

Explore More Case Studies

Visit our case study library for more examples of Catalyst’s work and results.

Explore More Case Studies

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Results Included

  • 5,200 Downloads More Downloads For Less
  • 3x Estimated Installs
  • 45% Lower Cost Per Install


What Clients Are Saying

“You’ve taught us a lot and continue to deliver and deliver and deliver. We’ve gotten smarter and better thanks to Catalyst.”

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Explore More Case Studies

Visit our case study library for more examples of Catalyst’s work and results.

Explore More Case Studies

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