Don’t Miss These New Pinterest Changes

There are many exciting things happening at Pinterest! Read our summary of the latest updates to learn how advertisers and agencies can take advantage of these updates to optimize campaigns and drive better results on the platform.

Pinterest Instance in Messenger on Facebook

In December Pinterest launched a new bot and Facebook messenger extension to help it reach an audience  sharing content on Facebook Messenger. Users can now open up a chat with the Pinterest bot and type in an idea. The bot will then suggest ideas from Pinterest, and from there users can dive even deeper into ideas.

The chat extension allows users to both link out pins in a Facebook message and explore that content within the messenger. So when users click on a pin on Messenger, they will experience something that is similar to the core Pinterest experience, but without actually leaving Messenger.

These changes likely won’t signal a major uptick in impressions today for pinners in Messenger, but it is an interesting way for the platform to increase usage and gain new users.

Pinterest Opens Search Ads to Self-Serve Advertisers

Pinterest rolled out search ads early in 2017, but search ads are now open for self-serve. In mid-October the company made the ads available through its self-serve ad-buying tool, Pinterest Ads Manager.Pinterest Updates

According to Marketing Land, “advertisers buying Pinterest search ads through the self-serve interface will be able to set up those campaigns using the same options already available to brands buying the ads through Pinterest’s direct sales team or third-party tools.” In terms of targeting, brands can apply broad- or exact-match keyword targeting as well as phrase-match targeting. They can also list negative keywords.

Pinterest is Now Offering Pincodes

Remember QR codes? Pincodes are similar to QR codes in that they allow users to open their Pinterest camera, scan the Pincode, and then be taken to a Pinterest board or profile. By launching Pincodes, Pinterest is hoping to connect the offline world of in-store displays, product packaging, etc. to product ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. Advertisers and agencies planning to use Pincodes should be sure to include them on collateral and also take special care to ensure that links do not break over time.

Pinterest Board Sections

Pinterest is introducing Pinterest Board Sections. The best way to think about this is a like a board-within-a-board. Pinterest board sections enable users to slice and organize a board for a big event or big idea (like a wedding, home renovation project, etc.) into smaller sub-category boards. Sections can be public or private, and according to TechCrunch, Pinterest has said that this is the top requested feature of all time for the platform. This may also become another opportunity for product discovery as users dive deep into certain categories and niches.

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