Pinterest Expands Targeting Options To Rival Facebook and Twitter

Social media platform Pinterest has introduced new targeting options to allow advertisers the opportunity to connect with purchase-minded consumers. In the past, advertisers have only been able to target based on demographic data such as gender, keywords and interests. While this has allowed companies to reach a relevant user base, it didn’t necessarily translate into sales or sales-minded actions.

Recently, the platform added the ability to build audiences based on email address or mobile ID. Advertisers can now upload a curated list of emails or IDs, similar to Facebook’s Custom Audiences and Twitter’s Tailored Audiences, and reach those users with more targeted messages. For example, brands can directly target customers who left an item in their cart unpurchased, or signed up for a mailing list but didn’t convert to a sale. With this e-commerce focused approach, brands can truly consider Pinterest a viable platform for reaching unsure customers and completing the sale.

Pinterest’s other targeting addition came in the form of Lookalike Targeting, very similar to Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences. Advertisers can now create an audience based on their previous website visitors, or the aforementioned email addresses and mobile IDs, and target consumers whose actions reflect those of the brand’s current customer base. Brands will love the ability to expand on their proven customers and reach a similar base, ideally resulting in increased sales.

What this Means for Advertisers

It is an exciting time for Pinterest advertisers, as the platform looks for more ways to turn its users into product purchasers. As more targeting and advertising options become available, strategies will need to change on the fly to best take advantage of the new possibilities within Pinterest. When considering social strategies moving forward, Pinterest can no longer be ignored, as its new targeting options prove it’s committed to playing a major role in the social advertising game.

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