Google Panda Patent Watch

Would you like to see your brand climb organic search rankings? We thought so. That is why our very own Dan Cristo will be holding his latest Patent Watch webinar on Panda.

This Google algorithm aims to decrease the ranking of “low-quality” websites so that “high-quality” websites can propel to the top of search results. The Panda algorithm does this by adjusting rankings based on various site factors that will be covered in detail throughout the webinar.

As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of Google’s new filter as well as get tips on how your website can ascend to the top of the search results.

Below is just some of the material that will be covered:

  • What Google’s search-ranking system looks like for both pre- and post-Panda?
  • What the Panda modification factor entails?
  • What searches get the Panda modifier?
  • Why content farms were hit?
  • What you need to focus on so your website will not suffer?

Dan Cristo, Director of SEO Innovation for Catalyst, has more than 12 years of experience in this industry and has been an SEO Strategy leader for premier brands such as Novartis, Century21, Audi, Pfizer and many more. Dan holds quarterly webinars that analyze and interpret patents of internet giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Previous webinars include:

  • Page Speed
  • Hummingbird
  • AdHeat Advertising (Paid)
  • Social Search (Google+)
  • Personalized Search (organic)
  • Freshness algorithm (organic)

So come join Dan on Wednesday, July 16th at 2:00PM EST and learn how you can invest in unique value content and organic mentions in order to optimize your rankings! View the recording here:

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