Google AdWords Demographics for Search Ads

Google’s annual Performance Summit was held last week in San Francisco. During the summit, Google unveiled many exciting product changes, including new features and a redesigned AdWords interface. One of the changes is Demographics for Search Ads (DFSA). In this blog post, we’ll explain this update specifically and what it means for advertisers.

What Are Demographics for Search Ads (DFSA)?

This new update allows advertisers to better target high-value demographics like age and gender, which will ultimately lead to stronger engagement and results.

The demographic data that Google leverages is based on actual Google account holder information and inferred data based on user behavior, meaning that the data is accurate and reliable.

Demographics for Search AdsImage Source: Google

New Format Considerations

The updated format introduces many new opportunities, including the ability to:

  • Target demographics more likely to convert
  • Bid higher when your target demo searches for your existing keywords
  • Create additional campaigns targeting a new demo
  • Tailor ads and landing pages to a new demo target
  • Add demo exclusions to an existing campaign to refine targeting

Catalyst’s search managers are eager to leverage this update as the new feature will ultimately provide better control of who to serve ads to with the appropriate relevant messaging.

Final Thoughts

This new feature will provide the opportunity to optimize campaigns to a level not previously available. The combination of inferred and declared demographics details will allow advertisers to create more targeted campaigns, ultimately resulting in stronger engagement and increased conversions.

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