Closing the Gap | 5 Key Findings Infographic

More digital transformation happened in 2020 than in the previous decade. The expansion of programmatically available inventory and platforms, the rise of new consumer channels, and the rapid acceleration of ecommerce adoption have converged, forcing brands to reframe their media strategy towards a holistic, integrated approach. It’s against this backdrop that Catalyst and Xaxis, in partnership with London Research, have launched Closing the Gap: Adopting Omnichannel Strategies for Stronger Brand-Consumer Connections. The original research and report explores where consumers are spending their time and where advertisers are investing their media budgets, revealing opportunities for marketers to close the gap to their consumers using omnichannel strategies.

Check out our infographic to explore the report’s top findings and download the report to access the full research, or register for our webinar on July 29th as we present the top insights and takeaways.

Closing the Gap Research Infographic


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