Click-Through Rate Is Slightly Lower for the First-Page Results on Mobile Devices

Catalyst conducted a click-through rate (CTR) study similar to the most recent Slingshot SEO one of 2011. Our study analyzed over 17,500 search queries (Google only) involving 59 brands during a nine-month period. We then sliced and diced the data to provide us with the unique insights for different scenarios. I gravitated toward the Desktop versus Mobile CTR battle and was surprised by the findings.

Search results on the first page of mobile search perform slightly worse overall than they do in a desktop environment.

Search Engine Click Through Rates

I expected the CTR to be much greater on the first page of results in a mobile experience because in most cases you are on the go when using a mobile device. I do not spend as much time reviewing search engine results on my phone or tablet compared to when I’m in front of a big LCD monitor. Clearly, I’m in the minority.

Mobile Click Through Rates

Position nine is the only position to perform better in mobile experience versus the desktop; and mobile only wins that click-through rate battle by one-one-hundredth of a point. What were your thoughts? Did you expect mobile CTR to perform worse than desktop CTR? Did you expect the margin to be as razor-thin as the data reflects?

To unearth more Google CTR wisdom please download the entire Catalyst study: Google CTR Study: How User Intent Impacts Google Click-Through Rates.

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