Catalyst Employee Spotlight: Jaison Babu

You can have the best data and most sophisticated tools, but it doesn’t mean anything without great people. Fortunately, at Catalyst, we have no shortage of great people. From Search Associates to Search Directors, and from Project Managers to Managing Partners, each member of the Catalyst team is committed to maximizing client business results and making Catalyst a world-class agency. Read our Employee Spotlight series to meet some of the team members responsible for making Catalyst an all-star agency partner and a great place to work.

Jaison Babu,, CatalystMeet Jaison

Name: Jaison Babu

Title: Software Engineer

How long have you worked at Catalyst?

I have been part of Catalyst for a little over one year.

How long have you been a software engineer?

I have been developing software for over 6 years now.

How did you get your start in software engineering?

I got my start as a junior backend developer on an anti-money laundering software team for a major bank.

What do you like most about working at Catalyst?

Almost everything! Everyone around here is very talented and inspiring to work with. It gives me an immense pleasure to be part of a cutting-edge technology ecosystem which empowers marketers to personalize, engage, and connect with their prospects and customers in much more meaningful ways.

How do you use your technical expertise to support digital marketing programs?

My primary objective is to ensure end users are happy and keep the development process simple and efficient. It mainly includes developing custom Knime plugins for various API integrations like Adobe Analytics, Amazon Sponsored Ads, DoubleClick, Facebook Marketing, Google AdWords, Microsoft Advertising etc. into our in-house Data Analytics platform for our data analysts and visualization team.

In your opinion, what is the most important data, analytics, or technology trend or change for digital marketing in 2019?

With the availability of enormous data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions can significantly help digital marketers to make faster and more accurate marketing decisions and predictions by optimizing their campaigns in real-time. Also, Blockchain can be the new technology disrupting digital marketing by providing full transparency of transactions between advertisers and publishers.

If you had to give one data or technology recommendation for advertisers using search and social marketing, what would it be?

In this ever-changing landscape of digital innovation, it is very important to stay up-to-date with technology and proactively build tools that support customer success. Voice search is also introducing new opportunities that marketers may want to consider when building search strategies.

Share a fun fact about yourself

I can speak five languages and understand a couple more.

Why Jaison Makes Us Proud

“Jaison Babu is a rock star software engineer! He started over a year ago and has rapidly developed an understanding of Fusion, Knime, and all of the development operations architecture. Within 2 weeks, Jaison was able to completely support the system. He has tremendous analytic and problem-solving skills, he is able to quickly develop and implement solutions. Catalyst is extremely lucky to have Jaison on the team!” – Ted Farrell, Project Manager, Catalyst

“Jaison is a big part of what makes our technology team successful here at Catalyst. His problem solving skills and meticulous adherence to the development process have allowed us to expand and scale our offerings which have really impressed our clients.  He does this all with a positive attitude, and I can say it’s a real pleasure to work with him day in and day out.” – Nick Vining, Director, Strategy & Insights, Catalyst



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