Benjamin Spiegel Covers (Not Provided) at SMX West | Coffee with Catalyst

Take a quick break and check out Coffee with Catalyst with Benjamin Spiegel, Director of Organic Search. Ben is speaking at SMX West on March 12th in San Jose on Life after Not Provided.

Full Press Release below, featured on PRWeb.

Catalyst, a leading search engine marketing firm, announced they will participate in SMX West during the session Life After Not Provided. Catalyst’s Director of Organic Operations, Benjamin Spiegel, will provide attendees with a work-around solution for missing keyword-level data.

Ever since Google blacked-out organic data, SEOs and digital marketers have been desperate for a solution. Why? Because they no longer have access to the keyword-level data they need. Instead, they now have (Not Provided), also known as “nothing.” This has led to chaos and panic in the industry.

SEOs and digital marketers everywhere are scrambling to find a replacement data source. In fact, many have resorted to developing their own unique measurements and methodologies with “crazy math.” Often cumbersome and convoluted, these formulas tend to produce data insights of questionable value.

But next week Catalyst will teach SMX West attendees a better way.

During the session “Life After Not Provided,” Benjamin Spiegel (@nxfxcom) will discuss how marketers can use various data sources, including Google Webmaster Tools’ (WMT) data, to uncover key insights in the absence of keyword-level data. He will also demonstrate how to use custom dashboards to surface meaningful insights from the data, and how to create compelling stories from them. A seasoned digital marketer, Spiegel will help attendees understand how using multiple data sources in their dashboards can pay off, why data segmentation and granularity is key in this effort, and how the insights produced can inform planning and investment decisions in other media channels. After this session, digital marketers will be able to kick (Not Provided) to the curb.

“Marketers are really struggling to calculate and measure organic traffic,” said Spiegel. “The loss of organic data has forced them to re-evaluate long established KPIs, and to develop entirely new measures. Every day I see marketers desperately trying to apply ‘creative’ approaches to assess their performance. I’d like to give them a better solution. I plan to show them how WMT data be used as a proxy for keyword-level data, and how to make it happen.”

The Life After Not Provided session takes place on the second day of SMX West, Wednesday, March 12, from 3:30 – 4:45 PM, at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Moderated by Pamela Parker, Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land, the panel will also include Laura Ann Mitchell, Digital Marketing Strategist, Intel; Ken Shults, VP of Analytics, Global Strategies; and Marty Weintraub, Founder & Evangelist, aimClear.

Considered thought leaders in the industry, Catalyst specializes in developing digital marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. SEOs and digital marketing professionals can learn more about Spiegel’s thoughts on (Not Provided) by watching the latest episode of Coffee with Catalyst.

“Data in and of itself is boring,” said Rich Ezzo, Director of Sales & Marketing at Catalyst. “But when you compare it to something else – the past week, month, year, another channel – it becomes interesting. It has a story to tell! At SMX West, Ben will show digital marketers how to find those stories with WMT data.”

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