Audi Superbowl Tweet


Twitter has unquestionably emerged as the viewers’ choice for live engagement during the Super Bowl. In 2013, an unprecedented 24.1 million tweets were sent out over the course of the 4-hour broadcast, with 5.5 millions tweets delivered during the #BeyonceBowl halftime show. But it was the unplanned blackout at Mercedes-Benz Superdome that separated the real-time marking winners from everyone else during the social media blitz.


The Super Bowl is the biggest cultural event of the year in the United States. During the game it creates the atmosphere of the world’s largest online party. If you’re a brand, don’t miss the party.


Within five minutes of the infamous blackout in the second half of the 2013 Super Bowl, M80 tweeted from the Audi account. This tweet instantly caught fire on Twitter, as Audi was the first to enter the blackout conversation. Adding further fuel, was the fact that Mercedes-Benz – a direct competitor to Audi – is the official Superdome stadium sponsor in New Orleans. This light-hearted jab went unanswered by any of Mercedes’ representatives or from their official Twitter handle (@MBUSA).


By the end of the game the tweet amassed nearly 10,000 RTs and over 3,000 Faves, while Audi conversation, which was slowing after the first quarter ad placement, spiked to earn over 3,000 mentions and 2,000 additional follows.

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