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Don’t Miss These New Pinterest Changes

There are many exciting things happening at Pinterest! Read our summary of the latest updates to learn how advertisers and agencies can take advantage of these updates to optimize campaigns and drive better results on the platform. Pinterest Instance in Messenger on Facebook In December Pinterest launched a new bot and Facebook messenger extension to … Continue Reading

Facebook Marketplace POV

Background Facebook launched Marketplace in 2016 as a place for people to discover, buy, and sell items with a geolocation filter (in a fashion similar to Craigslist). On January 16, 2018, the platform will begin to roll out the ability for U.S. advertisers to extend conversion and traffic-based campaigns on mobile to Marketplace, where people … Continue Reading

Instagram, Facebook Make It Easier to Buy and Sell on Social Media

Marketing veterans have long understood social media’s place at the beginning of the sales cycle—brand awareness, consumer engagement, and possibly even consideration for the sales-oriented. (And for truly DR-focused clients, third-party integrations were already available to further access the funnel.) But as the landscape evolved, social channels began challenging their place in the sales cycle, … Continue Reading

Retail Boost Recap: Emerging Platforms Panel

Google, Bing, and Yahoo have not significantly changed the way products are discovered in the last four years. But the e-retail landscape has. To discuss these changes and the new platforms that retailers must account for in their digital strategies, Catalyst and Bing’s inaugural Retail Boost event included an “Emerging Platforms” panel. The panel was … Continue Reading

Retail Boost Recap: What’s Trending in Social Media Advertising

The social media landscape is shifting and changing at a rapid pace.  Every day there are new opportunities for marketers to use social media to reach their audiences.  How do advertisers navigate this landscape and maintain a strong ROI?  Catalyst and Bing’s Retail Boost event united social media experts to weigh in on these important … Continue Reading

Why You Should Care About the Facebook Video Metric Overestimation

Call me a silver lining kind of gal, ’cause I see one in the Facebook measurement overestimation. Publically announced weeks ago on Facebook’s Advertiser Help Center and reported on yesterday via The Wall Street Journal’s article, “Facebook Overestimated Key Video Metric for Two Years,” the social media giant drastically overstated the average time users spent … Continue Reading

Paid Social Planning: The Pocket Companion

Note: This blog post is an abbreviated version of the author’s LinkedIn post “Last-Minute Social Media Isn’t So Sweet: The Paid Social Planning Board Game.” Feeling a bit bitter about your social media campaign results? It’s time you started planning ahead. Why Immediate Gratification – Strategy = No Results Digital directors are too often lured … Continue Reading