Anna Willis

Anna Willis

Organic Search Manager

Anna Willis is an Organic Search Manager at Catalyst with 6 years of technical SEO experience. Anna started her SEO and web development career in the affiliate marketing space for insurance mortgage, and other financial industries. She then started working on Fortune 500 brands within the local search space with a primary focus on developer implementation and scalability. While working with Catalyst, Anna collaborates closely with various brands in the software, consumer electronics, and e-commerce space to recommend both technical and content-driven SEO approaches. Improving the user-experience and impacting conversion is always the top goal in her work as an enterprise SEO.

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Search Intent: Short vs. Long Tail Keyphrases

Often times search marketers get caught up chasing after the highest traffic keyphrase, clawing and scratching their ways to the top of the bountiful SERPs, only to find a <1% CTR and no conversions. Yes, your title and description may not be engaging enough, yes, you could A&B test until your fingers bleed from writing … Continue Reading