M80 President Jeff Semones Is A Judge In The Global Apps To Empower Contest

Three winners have been selected in the Global App to Empower competition which invited developers to create apps that empower women in leadership and mentorship, jobs and entrepreneurship and education and conflict resolution.  The winners were selected by a noteworthy panel of judges which included M80 President Jeff Semones, Academy Award Winner Hollywood Actress Geena Davis, and Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Hon. Sheila Copps.

In September, 14 judges scored each entry on various categories and among other prizes the winning apps will be preloaded on all Datawind Tablets. The winning apps are:

a)  My Rights –One click platform for citizens to search and find information about various government solutions (schemes, benefits, scholarship etc.) designed for them. Designed by Anshul Goyal, S/w Eng. student at Sheridan College, ON, Canada. 

b)  Pictoson – Facilitates communication, problem solving and exchange among different cultures and languages by translating pictograms into 22 languages through flashcard techniques. Designed by Long Yu & Eva Elorrieta.

c)  Talking English – An interactive platform to learn English pronunciation and vocabulary. This app listens and gives feedback for everyone, including children as young as six years old. Designed by Philip Kinlen, Learning2Talk- HongKong. 

For more information on the contest visit: www.appstoempower.org