New Research: Understanding Today’s Online Shoppers

Catalyst and ClickZ’s new whitepaper Know Your Audience: Understanding Today’s Online Shoppers explores multi-channel discovery, research, comparison, and purchasing behavior of today’s online shoppers.

Online shopping behavior is rapidly changing. Consumers are better informed and tech savvier than ever before, and on-the-go web interactions are introducing shopping experiences and habits that were hard to imagine only five years ago. Today’s online shoppers discover a brand on one channel, compare it with other options on a second channel, and finally make a purchase through a third platform. For example:

  • Search engines are far more important for research and comparison purposes than for purchasing itself. 57% of consumers say they use search engines to discover new products.
  • 60% of consumers report making online purchases via various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.
  • Amazon plays a critical role across the entire shopping journey with 68% of online shoppers visited Amazon to research, compare ,and purchase products.

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U.S. Shopper Preferences Throughout Purchase Journey (Discovery, Research, Comparison, Purchase)

Know Your Audience: Understanding Today's Online Shoppers

Know Your Audience: Understanding Today’s Online Shoppers

This shopping behavior is challenging brands and advertisers to be visible on all channels in a compelling and strategic way.

New, Exclusive Research

It’s with this backdrop that we are excited to release Know Your Audience: Understanding Today’s Online Shoppers, a new Catalyst-ClickZ whitepaper. Read the new publication to gain powerful insights into online shopping behavior that will help you maximize visibility and sales across channels and platforms.

The research is based on a survey of 511 US-based shoppers from a wide range of backgrounds—spanning all employment types, educational levels, and household income levels. Respondents were asked to describe their online purchase journey: where they go to discover new products, to conduct further research, to compare, and finally to purchase—and where they think they’ll predominantly purchase online goods in five years’ time.

Know Your Audience: Understanding Today's Online Shoppers

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Insights You’ll Uncover

Read the report for new insights to help your brand maximize consumer connections across consumers’ online shopping journey. You will discover how to better align your marketing budget and resources based where and how consumers are using search, social, and ecommerce sites throughout their path-to-purchase. You’ll uncover:

  • Key differences and characteristics of online shopping habits for high spenders, medium spenders, and low spenders
  • Insights into the role of search, social, Amazon, and more in the online shopping journey
  • New data around Amazon’s dominance during discovery, research, consideration, and more
  • Recommendations for how to expertly integrate search and social channel

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