[WEBINAR] ROI Revolution: Highlights & Webinar Recording

Are you still counting Likes and Followers? Feel like the more effort you put into social media, the less you get out? If so, you are hardly alone. Many marketers are frustrated with the lack of ROI from their social campaigns. But the truth is, social media can really pay off – if done correctly. In our latest webinar, “ROI Revolution: 5 New Rules to Maximize Social Media Return” featuring Kieley Taylor, Catalyst’s Head of Paid Social, we provided five key rules to help you maximize business results from social channels:

  1. Social Media Is Paid Media And Should Drive Business Results
  2. Integrated Strategy: Plan With Your Audience In Mind
  3. Fill The Marketing Funnel, Not The Newsfeed
  4. Shift From Reactive Real-Time Content To Proactive Right-Time Messaging
  5. Take Social Out Of A Silo

Want to know more about how to apply these rules to your brand? Here is the webinar recording for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Social Media ROI - Webinar Recording

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