Driving Conversions

Consumers now know about you, but the research doesn’t stop there! We know consumers will be searching for more information and land on places like your website, blog, social platforms, or 3rd party review sites. Catalyst ensures your content is discoverable and answers your consumer’s questions. We work with your creative and web development teams to funnel consumers from learn to purchase regardless of where they land.

Integration Search & Social

Catalyst integrated Search and Social to connect with consumers across their path to purchase via data and talent. By consolidating our data into one database, our team can track trends and buying behaviors to make real time decisions to better place our brands in front of their consumers. Our teams are also cross-trained and work as a team on a brand’s digital marketing campaign. Each client team is led by a Group Director of Search and Social which oversees your integrated campaign.

Building Awareness

Consumers don’t always know a need they have or about a new product or brand. While traditional media has been historically the best at driving reach and awareness, these are passive mediums. Consumers are flocking to search engines with unbranded queries to fulfil a need. While on social platforms, consumers are served up targeted ads around their interests, likes, and general online behavior. Catalyst ensures our brands have a consistent brand messaging that stands out the competition and drive consumers to learn more about your brand or product.

Building Loyalty & Advocacy

Once a consumer has purchased your product, the lifecycle doesn’t end! Post purchase, brands should convert consumers into fans whether it is on social platforms or signing up for an email list. Once a consumer is a fan, brands can remarket to them about product upgrades, more information, or new products being introduced. Fans can also become advocates though sponsored posts or influencer outreach campaigns.