SEO Health Checks

Executed & monitored actions that improved site’s performance and search visibility (SEO visits); identified critical issues that could have prevented site’s ability to be shown in search results.

  • Crawling & Indexing: Identified critical URL errors that can negatively impact site traffic to important landing pages.
  • Sitemap: Submitted website’s sitemap in order to facilitate improved search engine indexation and visibility of Sam Club’s landing pages.


Nearly 90% of the website content is now actively indexed in Google search results.

  • SEO Visits increased by 52% YoY
  • Orders from SEO channel increased by 120% YoY
  • Revenue increased by nearly 140% YoY
  • Average Order Value increased by 9% YoY
  • In FY14, each SEO visit to the website brought nearly $4.6 of revenue while we saw around $3 per SEO visit during FY13.