High paid search bounce rates on high volume dandruff and dandruff-related terms indicated that the Head & Shoulder website was missing quality content around critical dandruff terms. When consumers were searching via search engines, Head & Shoulders was not visible organically. Head and Shoulders asked Catalyst to work with the creative agency, Saatchi, to fill content gaps.


Overall, paid search traffic to the entire website has steadily increased since the implementation of the new content in July. Although some of the growth can be attributed to budget increases, the overall CPC has decreased by 10%. The main cause of this ongoing trend is the increase in Quality Score that resulted from the content updates and optimizations.

Since the launch of new content, on-site engagement from paid search traffic also improved across several key areas:

  • Bounce rate decreased by 25%.
  • Time on site improved by 4%.
  • Pages per visit increase by 8%.

Overall organic search traffic to the H&S website increased 38% in November compared to October. Organic search traffic to the new articles increased 120% from the previous month.