Strategic Search Integration for Head & Shoulders

Fueling paid search performance through content creation and optimization
25% Decrease in paid search bounce rate
38% Increase in site wide organic traffic
120% Increase in organic traffic to key article pages

Strategically Integrating Paid & Organic Search to Maximize Performance

Head & Shoulders was faced with high paid search bounce rates on key dandruff-related terms. Catalyst created a holistic search program that not only reduced paid search bounce rates, but increased paid and organic traffic while also reducing costs.


The Head & Shoulders website lacked quality content around critical dandruff terms, leading to high bounce rates, inflated costs, and limited traffic growth.

Catalyst jumped in to create a strategic search marketing program that seamlessly integrated paid and organic search to address the site issues and improve holistic performance.

Catalyst took a highly integrated approach to paid and organic search, improving performance across paid and organic KPIs alike

An Integrated Approach


An Integrated Approach

Catalyst created a list of high search volume and high priority keywords for which Head & Shoulders could improve paid and organic performance, and then developed strategic recommendations for the type of content (article, video, etc.) needed to drive performance on those terms. We also identified existing landing pages that could drive traffic increases after additional organic optimization. Once new content was created and existing content was better optimized, we re-mapped the paid search campaigns to the new, query-tied content to decrease paid search bounce rate and reduce costs.

Integrated Approach = Better Results


Integrated Approach = Better Results

There were significant improvements to paid search performance as well as the organic search visibility and results. For example, the additional content drove significant increases in Quality Scores, resulting in a 10% decrease in CPCs. On-site engagement from paid search traffic has also improved across several key areas. Bounce rate decreased by 25% and time on site and pages per visit also experienced improvements. Furthermore, overall organic search traffic to the Head & Shoulders website increased 38% in one month alone. Organic search traffic to the new article content increased 120% in the same period.

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