Maximizing ROAS & Brand Health

Uncover how Catalyst used advanced data analysis to enhance a global advertiser’s media mix
and their omnichannel performance marketing program

The Challenge

Achieving the Optimal Media Mix

A global performance marketing client presented Catalyst with the challenge of maximizing ROAS while improving brand health across multiple performance marketing channels. Upon assuming responsibility for search, social, and programmatic, Catalyst sought to understand how the advertiser’s media mix could be optimized to achieve their goals.

“We love all of the ideas Catalyst comes up with regarding testing things that may be working in one channel and applying that to another channel. Those are key successes for us.”


Maximize ROAS
Improve Brand Health

Strategy and Execution

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A Sophisticated 3-Phased Approach

Catalyst’s solution was to develop a sophisticated analysis utilizing advanced regression-based modeling to quantify performance media’s impact based on historical brand data and industry benchmarks.

This helped determine efficiency and effectiveness of each performance media channel in driving brand health.

Phase 1

Gather Data

Catalyst gathered data from numerous sources including Brand Health Tracking data, historic media performance across search, social, and programmatic, and more.

Phase 2

Model Review and Calibration

Catalyst used regression-based modeling to quantify the contribution of each media channel to better understand specific Brand Health Metrics.

Phase 3

Optimize the Mix

Catalyst simulated current budget allocation and compared it to possible alternative media mixes to demonstrate the potential impact on performance and goals.


The model identified the optimal balance between investment in search, social, and programmatic to meet ROAS goals while simultaneously driving brand health.

Explore More Case Studies

Visit our case study library for more examples of Catalyst’s work and results.

Explore More Case Studies

Advanced Omnichannel Strategy and Results

Omnichannel Services

Results Included

  • Optimal Balancebetween investment in search, social, and programmatic
  • 20% Increase in brand health YoY


What Clients Are Saying

“Catalyst is continuing to up the game and push us towards our goals. We’ve been learning from Catalyst every step of the way and the work is ultimately delivering for the business in a huge way.”

  • Fortune 500 Advertiser


Explore More Case Studies

Visit our case study library for more examples of Catalyst’s work and results.

Explore More Case Studies

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