Catalyst’s Trailblazer Tuesday Presents: Hitwise

Every Tuesday Catalyst invites the best-of-the-best in digital marketing to present to our team. From search engines to social platforms, to industry-leading tools and partners, we open our doors to innovators, experts, and trailblazers and learn about their cutting-edge approaches and products. On Tuesday, February 6th, we invited Hitwise present to our team. Here’s what we learned.

Tracking the Consumer Journey

Hitwise Digital Consumer Journey
Founded in 1997, Hitwise has grown into a leading audience insights tool for hundreds of companies worldwide. Hitwise helps marketers, agencies, and brands across all industries track website behavior, understand their audience, and monitor the competition. Using Hitwise, marketers can define, understand, and target audiences to optimize their multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Hitwise provides a full view of the entire digital consumer journey. They capture every web browsing session including all of your audience’s online events— from search queries to site visits, they help provide a greater understanding of the consumer journey for your customers.

Providing Trusted Consumer Research

Hitwise uses thousands variables from the Simmons National Consumer Study relating to demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, brand buying habits, and media usage. They bring this data together to build a complete consumer profile, using both online and offline data with an unmatched depth, granularity, and frequency. This includes tracking everywhere they go online, everything they search for, along with thousands of consumer attributes. The goal is to gain insight into consumer’s daily lives that will deliver a competitive edge.

Trailblazer Tuesday Hitwise

Hitwise & Search

Catalyst strives to drive business results through best-in-class search campaigns. Search is where many consumers start their purchase journey, so understanding what consumers are searching for and how they are searching is paramount. Hitwse helps us achieve this. Using Hitwise and other industry and proprietary tools, we help advertisers reach a more relevant and receptive audience.

Want to learn more about how your brand can partner with Catalyst and Hitwise to take your audience targeting and campaign performance to the next level? Drop us a line at

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